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28 Oct, 2009 23:20

Obama overheated in the positive spotlight of press

The Washington press has really given President Barack Obama an easy go since he arrived in town, argues Politico reporter Josh Gerstein, who has talked to political operatives and former administration officials.

“Some of the coverage that he gets is much softer than the approach taken toward President Bush during the time that he was in office,” Gerstein told RT.

“Bush would have been excoriated for some things Obama got away with,” Gerstein said. The Politico reporter noted Obama’s late visit to New Orleans, the site of Hurricane Katrina, where he arguably did not quite accurately describe the tragedy that happened there. and then subsequently flew to the west coast to raise money for the Democratic National Committee.

“It’s not that it is not covered up… it does not take off as a story,” Gerstein pointed out.

“Stories that he [Obama] is in the pocket of big business, even if he has secret meetings or his aides have secret meetings with big business officials – they just don’t get that kind of play they would or did under the Bush administration,” he added.