Internet for Nobel – reward for all bloggers

The Internet has been nominated for this year's Nobel peace prize - won last year by President Obama.

New York-based TV filmmaker Brian Drolet thinks the web is a more worthy contender for the world's leading peace award than last year’s recipient.

The director of Deep Dish TV said “the Internet has actually broken down many barriers.” Drolet said, pointing out that today’s Internet audience is the largest compared to any other medium in the past, certainly in terms of interactivitiy.

At the same time he doubted the relevance of last year’s Barack Obama nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, because such a nomination does not correlate with the status of the US as a country waging two long-lasting wars simultaneously.

“Internet is a tool,” stated Drolet, adding that the motivation behind nominating the Internet as a phenomenon for the Nobel Peace Prize is “to reward the people who use the Internet and build communities to fight for peace and oppose wars of aggression.”