Is Obama a Wall Street project?

Webster Tarpley, journalist, radio host and critic of the Obama administration, reveals to RT who he thinks really rules the United States.

“If we look at recent US presidents we would have to conclude that Barack Obama is the most controlled by Wall Street banking interests that we have seen in recent memory, maybe in the last hundred years” states Tarpley.

He also pointed out that “About $13 trillion of Federal Reserve and US Treasury money have gone to Wall Street to save it from bankruptcy.”

“My finding in terms of Obama’s biography is that he was probably recruited by people like Zbignew Bzesinsky or Samuel P. Huntington at the Columbia University in 1981-1982, so Obama was groomed over a long period of time” shares the journalist.

“Obama is simply the unity candidate of the entire financier lead of the top US money center banks” he says.

Webster Tarpley names derivatives as the major source of the global economic crisis “If you have $1.5 quadrillion of derivatives what can you do about that? The answer is – virtually nothing! It is a black hole."