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Interview with Mike Gravel

It’s a Presidential election year in the U.S. and that means endless political speculation. Democrat Mike Gravel is running for President. He spoke to RT about the outgoing U.S. administration.

RT: You have been critical of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but if you had to endorse one of them, who would that be and why?

Mike Gravel: I would not endorse either one of them. They both are for the continuation of the war in Iraq, and two – they’re both sustaining American imperialism and the military industrial complex that goes along with it. We need to change our imperialistic policies; we need to act like we are part of the world and not leading the world with our excessive military power.

RT: The American people will soon be electing their next President. And that also puts an end to the Bush administration. What is your assessment of the legacy that George Bush leaves behind?

M.G.: Unfortunately, George W. Bush is going to go down in history as the worst President in American history, the absolute worst. He has destroyed America’s credibility abroad. … It will take some serious rebuilding, and unfortunately, I don’t see too many people on the horizon to rebuild this properly. I think that what is going on in the world – the centre of leadership is shifted to the European community and to China.