Interview with Harry Helenius

Interview with Harry Helenius
Harry Helenius, Finnish Ambassador to Russia, spoke to RT

Russia Today: How important are Finland and Russia to each other in terms of trade co-operation?

H.H.: The total volume in our trade relations is about 13-14 BLN euros, with is a lot taking into account the size of the Finnish economy. We are among the five most important trading partners Russia has among EU countries and along the ten most important partners Russia has anywhere on a global scale.

RT: Is there a prospect for further growth?

H.H.: The situation for our export and also for import from Russia in the future will improve, partially because of the rapid growth of the Russian economy. Through that growth Russia will also in the future be able to produce processed goods for export and not only rely on energy and raw materials.

RT: Russian companies are now increasingly investing abroad. What are their main investment projects in Finland?

H.H.: Two biggest investors from Russia in Finland are Lukoil, that bought a network of gas stations, a distribution network, so to say, downstream, and Norilsk Nickel, which has bought a factory in Hariavolt. These two are the biggest single ones. Then there are smaller ones, for instance Mr Deripaska bought a small factory of wooden cottages in middle Finland, which is very small scale, but it