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26 Mar, 2024 12:22

Russia captures German-donated Marder IFV in ‘almost perfect’ condition (VIDEO)

The 30-ton armored vehicle was no match for the Donbass mud, the Defense Ministry said

Russian troops advancing in Donbass have captured a German-made Marder infantry fighting vehicle in near-perfect condition in what appears to be a first in the Ukraine conflict, the Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday.

The piece of NATO military hardware donated to Kiev by Germany was abandoned by Ukrainian troops near the village of Severnoe, some 5km west of the former stronghold of Avdeevka, which Russia liberated in mid-February.

Kiev’s forces tried to push Russia's troops out of the village but failed, according to a military technician known as ‘Kazbek’ who featured in the video. The Marder became stuck in the mud during the failed assault and was left behind by the retreating Ukainians.

The soldier showcased the trophy, saying it was “in almost ideal condition” and was “the first and only” Marder captured by Russia in such a state, as far as he knew.

”The vehicle is fully operational, virtually all elements and parts are present as expected,” the specialist said. The IFV “won’t be put into service, but it is absolutely suitable for disassembly and study.”

Germany had sent a total of 90 Marder 1A3 vehicles to Ukraine as of February, with 30 more pending. The first deliveries took place in March 2023. They were touted by Ukrainian officials as a significant upgrade on the Soviet-designed BMP-1 IFVs, which are widely available to their military.

Conclusive visual evidence of Marders being destroyed has been available online since at least last September.