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17 Jul, 2023 09:24

Russia ‘knows’ who ordered Crimean Bridge terror attack – Kremlin

Moscow will boost security measures on the peninsula, Dmitry Peskov has said
Russia ‘knows’ who ordered Crimean Bridge terror attack – Kremlin

Russia has consistently worked to increase security measures on the Crimean Peninsula and will continue to improve them in light of the latest terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.

His comments came after a section of the bridge was damaged on Monday morning in what is believed to have been a Ukrainian sea drone attack. Aside from causing significant damage to a portion of the bridge’s road section, the attack also left two people dead and one child injured.

Speaking to journalists following the incident, Peskov noted that Moscow has always stressed the importance of ensuring security at the bridge, especially in light of the increased tourist load and long queues. 

“We know the reasons and those behind this terrorist act. This will require further composure and additional measures and work from all of us. No other measures have been discussed at the moment,” he said.

Peskov also stated that while he could not provide any specific details about Moscow’s immediate response to the terrorist attack, Russia’s ultimate answer would be the achievement of all of the goals of the military operation in Ukraine.

The official went on to say that Moscow is “well aware of the insidiousness of the Kiev regime” and that all relevant services and departments were working to counter the threat.

“Today, the Kiev regime killed a young family,” Peskov said, noting that the parents of a young girl are dead, while the girl has been wounded. “This must be talked about so that everyone can hear it. This is all the work of the Kiev regime. We will all work and remain vigilant and focused to ensure that such tragedies do not happen again,” he said.

Traffic on the Crimean bridge is currently stopped, according to Russia’s transportation ministry, which noted that while the road surface has been damaged, the bridge’s supports remain intact. According to Peskov, Russian President Vladimir Putin has already ordered repairs to begin.

Ukraine has attempted to target the strategic link connecting mainland Russia and the Crimean Peninsula in the past, the Kremlin says. Last week, the Russian Defense Ministry said that Kiev attempted to strike the bridge with a missile, but failed to penetrate its air defenses.

In October last year, the bridge was damaged in a deadly truck bombing, which Moscow said was orchestrated by Ukrainian intelligence services. Earlier this month, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Anna Maliar confirmed her nation’s role in that attack.