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15 Jan, 2022 18:55

Brit who got stuck in Kabul flies to Kazakhstan to ‘be a lil goofy’

The young Brit who gained internet notoriety after traveling to Afghanistan amid the Taliban offensive, is now heading to Kazakhstan
Brit who got stuck in Kabul flies to Kazakhstan to ‘be a lil goofy’

The 4chan celebrity ‘Lord’ Miles Routledge has set off for Kazakhstan, seeking to “adventure around all British like.” The Central Asian country has recently endured a wave of violent unrest amid a spike in Covid-19 cases.

‘Lord’ Miles announced the beginning of his new daring journey in a Twitter post on Saturday.

“On my way to Kazakhstan right now! why? So I can be a lil goofy, be a little silly perhaps, adventure around all British like, get away from it all. A lovely lil holiday. Lads on tour!” he wrote.

The 24-year-old British student, who describes himself as a ‘lord,’ based on a lordship certificate he purchased as a prank and used to obtain a credit card bearing the name ‘Lord ML Routledge,’ launched a fundraiser to finance his “adventure” last week.

The campaign, dubbed ‘Help Miles go to Kazakhstan to goof off!’, bagged some £1,200 (around $1,640) from the ‘lord’s’ supporters, slightly missing its goal of £1,500 (around $2,050).

Kazakhstan might not seem the best holiday destination given the recent violent unrest which left at least 225 dead and thousands injured, but that kind of danger appears to be exactly what the young Brit is after. When a Twitter user wished him “safe travels,” Routledge responded “Thank you but I hope not.”

Kazakhstan has endured a wave of violent unrest prompted by a sharp hike in fuel prices at the beginning of the new year, promptly devolving into rioting and looting in multiple locations across the country, and leading to the deaths and to at least 4,500 injuries.

‘Lord’ Miles achieved internet notoriety last August when he traveled to Afghanistan seeking to “goof off and soak in the sun” amid a sweeping offensive by the Taliban. The traveler, who extensively covered his adventure online, witnessed the collapse of the country’s government, ultimately getting trapped in Kabul as it fell into hands of the Taliban. The young man was ultimately evacuated from the country in a military aircraft, alongside others fleeing the Taliban takeover.