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11 Feb, 2021 15:46

Russian woman confesses she made up pregnancy after devastated father discovers ‘stillborn twins’ are actually plastic dolls

Russian woman confesses she made up pregnancy after devastated father discovers ‘stillborn twins’ are actually plastic dolls

When Laura Daudova told her husband she was pregnant with twins after years of trying for a baby, he was delighted. But, months later, that joy turned to shock and sorrow for the presumed father-to-be and their family.

Daudova, a native of Russia’s Muslim-majority Republic of Dagestan, told her partner, Daud Daudov, that the two babies had died shortly after being born at a hospital in Stavropol, in the southwest of the country.

However, shocking footage later went viral on social media after Daudov discovered that two plastic dolls had been wrapped in the funeral shroud instead of the remains of his children.

“I had babies,” he could be heard saying. “I brought them to Dagestan to bury them.” The clip led to a flurry of speculation online that the bodies had been switched in the hospital, or that the infants might still be alive.

However, later that day, the Stavropol Ministry of Health issued a statement in which they cautioned that details of the case had yet to be confirmed. Officials said they “promptly checked the patient’s data, which was reported on social networks. This was not in the records of either of the two local perinatal centers, nor in those of any other obstetric facility in the Stavropol territory – neither this year nor last year.”

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They added that the maternity hospital in which the events were reported to have taken place is equipped with surveillance equipment.

The local governor, Vladimir Vladimirov, also said that there was no record of the woman or her children. “When it comes to stillbirths, we have not had cases of the death of babies here for a very long time, and twins, as far as I know, never.”

Later on Thursday, footage emerged of Daudova admitting on camera that she had faked the pregnancy to make her husband happy, and not been able to come clean before she was due.

“I myself believed it,” she said in the tearful clip. “It was as though [the child] really existed. I inspired myself to such an extent that my belly began to grow. I began to feel it moving. My body worked as though it was pregnant.”

The Russian-language MKRU news network later obtained messages that they claim showed Daudova telling her parents about the arrival of the two babies, one larger than the other. She reportedly sent a picture she found on the internet to her delighted family members.

Speaking to journalists after the investigation, Vladimirov said that “yesterday a medical examination of the woman was carried out. It concluded that she did not give birth. Later, the woman herself confirmed in writing that this whole story is a fiction.”

“What can I say,” the governor added. “I have no words. Now this is a matter of the family. And law enforcement agencies.”

In a video posted to the Telegram messaging service, Daudov says he had no suspicions that his wife might be pretending she was pregnant. “If people accuse me of being blind, then… well, everything is God’s will,” he said.

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