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2 Dec, 2020 17:55

‘What is there to regret?’ Russian blogger who live-streamed dead girlfriend’s corpse is taken to psychiatric ward

‘What is there to regret?’ Russian blogger who live-streamed dead girlfriend’s corpse is taken to psychiatric ward

A popular blogger has been detained in Moscow after his girlfriend died in an incident at his home. He broadcast footage of her remains and of attempts to revive her online. Police are now investigating his role in her death.

Stas Reshetnikov, the host of YouTube channel ReeFlay, filmed himself dragging his girlfriend, Valentina, down the hall and on to a sofa in his home. Then, speaking to the camera, at his desk in front of the body, he wept as he blamed himself for what had happened. “I tell you,” he added, “she seems to be dead.” He refused to end the live stream, despite requests from authorities, who had arrived at his home in the Russian capital in response to an emergency call.

“What is there to regret? I didn’t really do anything,” the blogger said, claiming that he had called the ambulance himself. 

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It has been reported that the deceased, who may have been pregnant, was outside for a number of hours in sub-zero temperatures wearing little clothing, and the Baza Telegram channel speculated that Reshetnikov had thrown her out of the apartment. However, according to neighbors, she was only outside for a short period of time, and the cause of her death is still undetermined.

According to Olga Vradiy, an official at the Moscow region Investigative Committee, inquiries have now begun to determine how the girl died and whether anyone is criminally liable.

Valentina, who the blogger said he thought was “about 26,” was a regular feature on the ReeFlay channel, and was often the butt of the YouTuber’s jokes and pranks. In one video, he poured pepper sauce on her face, while in another she threatened him with a knife during a heated argument.

Baza reports that Reshetnikov was taken to hospital by authorities, who could be heard on the live-stream telling him that they “would work out” who was responsible.

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