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Da, Da, Da! As flights reopen, research reveals Russian women prefer Turkish delights for extramarital holiday fling

Da, Da, Da! As flights reopen, research reveals Russian women prefer Turkish delights for extramarital holiday fling
Are you thinking what she’s thinking? Some women were undoubtedly overjoyed when it was announced that flights to Turkey are back on. A study has revealed the country is the most popular destination for Russians seeking to stray.

Specialists from the psychological training website ‘Know Yourself’ analyzed women’s online communities, telegram chats, and popular forums, and identified 16 different resort locations where women admitted to cheating on their spouse.

The psychologists discovered that Russian women cheat on their husbands in Turkey more than any other resort location, ahead of Crimea and Sochi, as well as Thailand and Bali. The rest of the rankings are rounded out by the Indian state of Goa, the Caribbean Islands, the Maldives, Greece, Montenegro, Spain, France, Italy, Cuba, Latin America, and Russia’s Azov coast.

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The popularity of Turkey as a place for a fling was no surprise for the researchers, who instead were shocked at Crimea’s spot in the top 5. Just a few years ago, the Black Sea peninsula was seen as a place for a quiet family holiday. In literature, however, Crimea is the location of perhaps the most famous Russian story about infidelity – Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Lady with the Dog’.

As of Saturday morning, Russia has resumed passenger flights with three countries, including Turkey. Air connections to foreign countries were closed on March 27 to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and now flights are slowly re-starting on a reciprocal basis.

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