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Heart stopping video shows Russian toddler FALLING OUT of minibus after collision, before being saved by HERO cop

In Russia's Far East, a police officer was in the right place at the right time to save a three-year-old boy from almost certain death under the wheels of his own father’s minibus.

The cop’s swift reaction prevented an already dangerous road crash in the city of Khabarovsk, close to the border with China, from becoming a tragedy.

Road camera footage shows the minibus violating traffic rules by trying to make a U-turn at an intersection, where such maneuvers are forbidden. The driver’s recklessness was matched by that of an approaching driver. Her car jumped the red light and smashed at high speed into the right side of the minibus.

The collision knocked the minibus driver unconscious, and left him dangling from the window. The vehicle started circling uncontrollably, posing a threat to everyone nearby.

But the real horror came when a small child fell out of the minibus window onto the road. He then ran after the vehicle, oblivious to the danger. Luckily, the officer, who happened to be right at the scene, jumped out of his car and grabbed the boy, carrying him to safety.

The incident happened last week, but the identity of the daring rescuer was only revealed by the police on Thursday. He serves in the Khrabarovsk criminal police force, which could explain his calm reaction in a highly charged situation.

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Aside from being endangered by his father’s illegal maneuver, the child was also traveling without a toddler’s car seat, which is mandatory for passengers of his age. Fortunately, he only got a few bruises from the fall.

The minibus driver, 31, was taken to hospital with a broken bone and suspected concussion, but his life is reportedly not in danger. The other driver was driving under influence, according to traffic police. Her car’s safety features protected the 43-year-old woman from serious injuries.

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