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11 Dec, 2019 12:44

Man accused of drug-fueled RITUAL MURDER of own sister almost escaped through courtroom CEILING (VIDEO)

Man accused of drug-fueled RITUAL MURDER of own sister almost escaped through courtroom CEILING (VIDEO)

A murder suspect attempted to escape a courtroom in Russia in a most bizarre way, right in front of guards, leaving them cursing and scratching their heads over how to stop his break for freedom without causing him injury.

Russian courtrooms typically have a special enclosure where defendants seat during criminal trials. This feature in itself is controversial, with critics calling it humiliating, but in one particular hearing it proved to be a big headache for law enforcement. The defendant, Leonid Greiser, climbed right through the mini-room’s loosely-barred top section and tried to get through a hanging ceiling.

The escape attempt, if it was one, was apparently ill-conceived. Police guards and court bailiffs rushed to grab the man by his legs – dragging his sweatpants off in the process – and cursed a lot as they were trying to find a safe way to make him come down.

Ultimately a threat to zap him with a shocker device did the trick, judging by a video of the incident, filmed by tabloid Life.ru.

Greiser’s case is far from a laughing matter though. He is accused of killing his own sister in a ritualized murder. His daring non-escape only resulted in him being handcuffed for the rest of the hearing. The Moscow court where it happened authorized a two-month extension of his pretrial arrest at the request of the prosecution.

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