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‘Enemy of Ukraine’: Russia’s deputy justice minister & ECHR envoy has personal data published on Mirotvorets witch-hunting website

‘Enemy of Ukraine’: Russia’s deputy justice minister & ECHR envoy has personal data published on Mirotvorets witch-hunting website
Deputy Justice Minister Mikhail Galperin, who defended Crimea’s reunification with Russia at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), has found himself included on Mirotvorets' controversial ‘enemies of Ukraine’ database.

Moscow and Kiev clashed at the ECHR earlier in September, with Russia’s envoy Galperin brushing off Ukrainian claims of “human rights abuses” in Crimea as having no legal basis and blasting the Ukrainian side for wasting the court’s time.

Two weeks later, the Russian official had his personal data published on the doxing website Mirotvorets (Peacemaker). The site’s administrators still view Crimea as an occupied part of Ukraine.

The platform was established in 2014 after Crimea’s reunification with Russia and the launch of Kiev’s ongoing military campaign in eastern Ukraine. It was aimed at leaking personal data, including home addresses and phone numbers, of those deemed “enemies of Ukraine” by its creators.

Numerous politicians, journalists, cultural figures, and common folk from Ukraine, Russia, and elsewhere became victims of doxing and faced threats due to Mirotvorets’ activities. In 2015, Ukrainian writer Oles Buzina and politician Oleg Kalashnikov were assassinated after their home addresses appeared on the website.

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Galperin was blacklisted by Mirotvorets for “threatening sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, justification of the Russian aggression and manipulation of crucial information,” the site claims.

The head of the legal team which helped Russia prepare its case at the ECHR, UK lawyer Michael Swainston, faced similar accusations from the website.

The inclusion of Galperin is not just a violation of the human right to the protection of personal data, but “a direct threat” to a high-ranking Russian official, Sergey Zeleznyak, from the Russian Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, said.

The MP promised that Russia will protect its citizens from nationalists who "regrettably still run the show in Ukraine.” He also urged the ECHR to give its own assessment of the actions of the radicals and the recent Mirotvorets updates.

However, the Strasbourg court refrained from commenting when RIA-Novosti asked about the inclusion of Galperin and Swainston on the witch-hunting database.

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