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11 Jul, 2019 09:48

1 dead, 13 injured as HUGE FIRE erupts near power plant in Moscow region (VIDEOS)

Flames soared 50 meters above a power plant near Moscow, where a fire broke out on Thursday. One person was killed and more than a dozen were injured in the blaze.

The incident occurred near the Severnaya thermal power plant in Chelobit’yevo, Moscow region. The bright flames were seen from the MKAD, the large highway encircling the capital, as local drivers shared videos of the fire.

The large plant runs on natural gas, generating heat and electricity for the northern parts of Moscow. The fire started from an explosion at a gas pipeline, adjacent to the plant, which created a tall bursting flare. The operation of the power plant was suspended but the plant itself was not damaged, a senior energy official said.


Two helicopters and two fire engines were deployed to the scene. Police closed down a major highway next to the fire and limited the traffic down some roads in the nearby city of Mytishchi, connected to the highway.


The fire was officially ranked “extra high” in terms of the difficulty of putting it out. The situation was also dangerous due to the risks of additional blasts and because a residential area and a large mall are located close by.

The fire managed to spread to an office building and a storage unit before it could be contained.


The flare from the pipeline was put out, and the fire was largely extinguished around two hours after it had started.

One person was killed and at least 13 more were injured, according to emergency services. The agency, which oversees the power plant, had earlier said that no one from its personnel was hurt.

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