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Dracarys! Chechnya’s leader Kadyrov 'destroys his enemies' with dragon in GoT inspired clip (VIDEO)

Dracarys! Chechnya’s leader Kadyrov 'destroys his enemies' with dragon in GoT inspired clip (VIDEO)
While Ramzan Kadyrov is known for his strict political style, a new video takes his strongman image to the next level, montaging him leading a cavalry division with a battle against the Lannister army from Game of Thrones.

Sporting traditional Chechen garb and his signature burly beard, Kadyrov and his division fit bizarrely well into the setting of the popular fantasy epic.

In fact, someone unacquainted with the head of the Chechen Republic might easily mistake him for a character in an outtake from the HBO drama as he rides his horse across the steppe while the show’s theme plays in the background.

The believability of the battle between the eponymous “Cavalry Division Akhmat” (named in honor of Kadyrov’s father) and the medieval style army they square up against is barely even broken when a massive dragon enters the scene. At the climax of the short clip, Kadyrov rides ahead of the division as the dragon passes overhead, before roasting his opponents in their boots.

The video is a montage of scenes taken from the seventh season of Game of Thrones, and archival footage from a large scale horseback riding campaign that took place last April in Chechnya.

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