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25 Mar, 2019 08:13

Bar guests in Russia narrowly escape CHAINSAW MASSACRE as man tries to cut them into pieces (VIDEO)

Bar guests in Russia narrowly escape CHAINSAW MASSACRE as man tries to cut them into pieces (VIDEO)

An ordinary night out in Russia ended up like a scene from a horror movie – as a man attempted to cut people at a bar into pieces with a chainsaw.

The hair-raising incident occurred in the port city of Nakhodka on Russia’s Pacific coast. The bar’s clientele, however, managed to escape the rampage as people were quick to react, disarming the perpetrator, local media report.

A video that surfaced online shows people bravely surrounding the man as he brandishes a chainsaw. Screams of fright are heard in the background as people attempt to get the would-be horror movie villain to the ground.

The spine-chilling footage quickly prompted an array of comments on social media. Some described the man as “mental” and a “drunkard.” Several people dubbed the scene “The Nakhodka chainsaw massacre,” in reference to the famous slasher film. Other Hollywood analogies were drawn, including the film ‘The Hateful Eight’. Another person said, “Tarantino fades in comparison.”

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It is unclear whether the attacker was arrested or if he managed to escape. Local police reportedly said no statement was made from the witnesses, but promised to check the raucous video.

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