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19 Mar, 2019 10:35

WATCH: New ‘stealth’ Borey-class nuclear sub out at sea for trials

WATCH: New ‘stealth’ Borey-class nuclear sub out at sea for trials

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has released footage of a new Borey-class nuclear submarine performing tests at sea. The new addition to the “stealth” 955 Project family is expected to join the Navy later this year.

Video showing the fourth-generation Borey ultra-silent missile-carrying nuclear submarine was published on the Day of the Submariner in Russia.

The fourth-generation Borey-class SSBNs (Submarine Submersible Ballistic Nuclear) are expected to become a key component of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces in the next decades.

All Borey subs will be armed with 16 solid-fueled 8,000km (4971 miles) range Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles with maneuverable warheads. Project 955 SSBNs also boast stealth characteristics superior to any Russian nuclear submarine currently in service.

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Russia’s MoD initially planned to construct eight Borey-class subs, but that number could increase to ten by 2027, according to media reports.

The first two Borey-class submarines, the lead Project 955 SSBN Yury Dolgoruky and first serial SSBN Aleksandr Nevsky, joined the Navy in 2013. A third SSBN, Vladimir Monomakh, entered service in December 2014