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Fate of orcas & belugas from ‘whale jail’ should be decided today – Kremlin

Fate of orcas & belugas from ‘whale jail’ should be decided today – Kremlin
Following an order by President Vladimir Putin that the “whale jail” case be resolved by March 1, the Kremlin spokesman has confirmed to media that “the work is in hand,” but “the results are not there yet.”

“We are awaiting the decision by the end of the day,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “We have stressed that today is already the 4th of March.”

As many as 90 belugas, five baby walruses and 11 orcas are currently held in tiny enclosures on Russia’s Pacific Coast awaiting rescue, after investigators learned about their inhumane conditions last November. The authorities launched an investigation into the operators of the “prison,” the Center for the Adaptation of Marine Mammals, located in Primorsky Krai of the Russian Far East. However, the animals are still in captivity, until their future is determined.

Also on rt.com Putin orders immediate action to help 100 orcas and belugas held in cramped ‘whale prison’ (VIDEO)

At least 15 of the belugas are yearlings that are completely dependent on their mothers for survival. The whales were allegedly caught for educational and cultural purposes, but campaigners suspect these particular animals are due to be sold later to Chinese aquariums and amusement parks.

Animal rights activists, including celebrities campaigned for the release of the aquatic animals. An online petition, shared by Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio gathered more than 940,000 signatures. 

Actress Pamela Anderson wrote an open letter to President Putin, saying that the Russian government has clearly “shown its leadership by stopping the international sale of these orcas and belugas” and that releasing them into the wild would be “welcomed around the world.”

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