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Russia can’t exist without being independent, its sovereignty is axiomatic – Putin

Russia can’t exist without being independent, its sovereignty is axiomatic – Putin
The world’s largest country will forever stay independent or it will cease to exist, but this core idea is what makes Russia differ from others, Vladimir Putin said in his annual address.

“Russia was and will be a sovereign and independent state. It is an axiom, it will either be such or it won’t exist at all,” Putin stated in the 2019 keynote speech. He said other countries can afford being dependent, but Russia cannot.

Russia can’t exist as a state if it is not sovereign.

Other countries should take this into account when engaging Moscow, the President noted. “Building ties with us is to find common solutions, including to the most complicated issues, not to dictate conditions,” according to Putin.

Despite all odds, Russia is open to the world and is keen to build trust, combat common threats, and strengthen cooperation on trade, education, culture and science.

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In his previous remarks, however, the Russian president said he believes there are no countries in the world that can claim full independence from others. The modern world “is the world of interdependency,” he said last week.

“Do you think European countries want missiles in Europe? Nobody wants it. But they keep silent. Where is their sovereignty?” Putin asked during his visit to Sochi, referring to US anti-missile facilities being installed across the continent.

The European Parliament, he said at the time, makes more decisions on behalf of the 28 member countries than “the Supreme Soviet of USSR on behalf of constituent republics” did at the time.

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