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Woof-woof! Jealous Labrador crashes passion kiss between hockey star Ovechkin and his wife (VIDEO)

Woof-woof! Jealous Labrador crashes passion kiss between hockey star Ovechkin and his wife (VIDEO)
Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin was making out with his wife Anastasia when his black Labrador got envious and leaped between them to join the intimate moment.

A video posted on Instagram shows the captain of the national Washington Capitals ice hockey team repeatedly kissing his 25-year-old wife in their dining room.

Ovechkin is seen shirtless as he indulges in kissing his wife.

But the hockey star’s black Labrador doesn’t seem to enjoy being a mere spectator. Wanting a taste of the hot embrace himself, he crashes the kiss and is seen standing on his back paws while he kisses the the pair's faces.

The dog starts licking Anastasia, but make sure he spares some kisses for the Captain too.

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The video got more than 47,000 likes and loads of people commenting at the sweet family scene.

A marveled commentator pointed how the dog’s behavior reflects “Labradors’ temperament.”

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A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

But the hot kiss seems to have left some of the couples’ fans red with envy too.

“What about me?!!! Forgot me?!!! Woof-Woof!!!” one commented.

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Мой💪🏼 @aleksandrovechkinofficial

A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

Either way, the dog’s interruption is good training for the loved up couple, who announced in June they are expecting a baby boy.

And well, as we all know, toddlers always get in the way of things.

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