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20 Aug, 2018 09:27

Liberal project of new world order has failed, top Russian senator claims

Liberal project of new world order has failed, top Russian senator claims

Russian Upper House chair Valentina Matviyenko says the liberal project of a ‘new world order’ has failed because liberals have abandoned many of their original ideas and have become repulsive for the general public.

I would like to note one more tendency that is not always noticed or duly assessed by others. I mean the obvious failure of the so called liberal project of the world order.

“Liberalism in the form that it achieved in the United States, a considerable part of the European Union, and some other Western nations, not only lacks attractiveness for a considerable part of humanity, it frightens and repulses the people,” Matviyenko said in a recent interview with International Affairs magazine.

The senator added that modern liberalism has lost many of the principles it was originally based on – including humanism, freedom of speech, and tolerance. She said that these principles have been replaced with the suppression of traditional values, replacing truthful information with ‘fake news’, and increasing intolerance to differing opinions, especially in politics.

Matviyenko told reporters that while the liberal West was losing its position, the world started to gain new economic and financial centers of power, such as China, India, and Brazil, with other nations in Asia and Africa expected to rise in the near future.

The senator said, however, that the EU remains one of Russia’s main economic partners and that finding new points of contact would lead to a restoration of mutual confidence and cooperation.

This is not the first time Matviyenko has criticized the liberal West for trying to impose its ideals on the global community. About a year ago, she stated in an interview that numerous conflicts across the globe were caused mainly by the interference of leading Western nations in the internal affairs of other countries. She also described the US’ “export of democracy” as a disguised attempt to maintain its dominant position in the world, which can only bring chaos, war, and disasters to other nations. Matviyenko also said that ‘democracy’ does not amount to theoretical principles, but the will of the citizens of individual countries.

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