Putin urges major rearmament of Russian military based on Syria experience

Putin urges major rearmament of Russian military based on Syria experience
Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for a major rearmament of the nation’s military forces, citing recent experience gained in counter-terrorist operations in Syria as well as the need for the stronger protection of Russia’s Arctic borders.

Combat experience gained during the operation in the Syrian Arab Republic as well as the necessity for reinforcing the defense of our Arctic territories, western and south-western borders require a reassessment of our approaches to re-equipment of troops,” Putin said at a Tuesday conference with top Russian Defense Ministry officials and leading defense industry figures.   

Putin added that even though a state defense order had been fulfilled by 97 percent, certain problems remained unsolved.

The Russian leader also told those at the conference to pay specific attention to systematic problems that would have a crucial effect on whether or not state defense order targets would be achieved in 2017.

Earlier this month, the Russian government released a report on the execution of the major development program known as the May Orders, first laid out by President Putin in 2012. The part of the report dedicated to the defense sector stated that it had taken a large step forward, and noted a major increase in the proportion of contract servicemen in the military.

It also said that the weapons industry had come up with the concept of a system that would manage the whole cycle of weapons research and development, running in and production. The Foundation for Perspective Research – which develops new types of weapons and military hardware – also finished work on 12 major projects and agreed contracts for 52 others.

These projects have set the foundation for the creation of new generations of weapons and military and special hardware that are expected to be produced in 2025-2030.