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17 Nov, 2014 15:47

Ukraine pushing Europe to WWIII – nationalist party leader

Ukraine pushing Europe to WWIII – nationalist party leader

The head of the populist-nationalist Russian LDPR party has warned that the Kiev regime is repeating Serbia’s steps of 1914 and could lead Europe to the start of a new World War.

Serbia’s moves against Austro-Hungary provoked the First World War and today history is repeating itself,” Vladimir Zhirinovsky said in a statement published on the LDPR website on Monday.

Through its current actions Ukraine is leading Europe towards a Third World War. Unfortunately, it is going to happen, and Ukraine is an instigator of this Third World War,” he added.

According to the Russian nationalist leader Poland can use the current uncertainty in the region and try to regain the Ukrainian cities of Lvov, Rovno and others. Hungary would go for the trans-Carpathian territories and Romania would claim Chernovtsy and Bukovina. “These lands belong to them. The maps of the 16th century will show you whose territories had been captured by Kiev,” Zhirinovsky said.

He also condemned events in Warsaw where thousands of radical nationalists clashed with police on the Polish national day in an attempt to attack the Russian embassy.

Zhirinovsky said that after the dissolution of the Soviet Union the bipolar political structure of the world vanished and the West is now interested in reducing a leftward trend in Eastern Europe.

Leftist ideas would get more support as the economic crisis gains pace. Nations will get attracted to Russia again. This is why they are deliberately turning Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and Ukraine more right wing, to make a union with Russia impossible,” Zhirinovsky stated. “Even when it means a threat to their own nations they keep on pushing Eastern Europe towards fascism, they do everything to put them against us,” he said.

A day earlier Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said his country was ready for a “total war” against Russia. This was a change of rhetoric on the part of Ukrainian leader as earlier he said he wanted to stop the conflict and prevent it from developing into a Third World War.

Earlier, deputies from the LDPR caucus in the Russian Lower House asked the government to ban all imports of foodstuffs, machinery, and metal products from Ukraine in a bid to force Kiev into observing the Minsk ceasefire agreements.