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A portrait of former American porn star Sasha Grey has been spotted on an official mural painted on a fence in the village of Agapovka in Russia’s Chelyabinsk Region. The actress was depicted dressed as Snegurochka, a Snow Maiden in a Russian fairytale.

As reported by several Telegram channels, the painting could be seen near the village’s education department building and was apparently commissioned by the local administration in honor of a winter sports festival that took place several weeks ago.

The head of the Agapovka district Artyom Yakhimovich explained to RT that the village authorities didn’t recognize the porn actress when approving the project. He claimed that the cultural workers responsible for the project were trying to find a “picture of a beautiful woman” to decorate the village for the ‘Ural Blizzard’ sports competition. The picture used in the mural appears to be taken from a photoshoot Grey did wearing a traditional Russian Gzhel costume. 

On Tuesday BAZA reported on Telegram that, after pictures of the unusual depiction of Grey on a fence dressed as a popular Russian fairytale character made their way across the internet, a resident of Agapovka filed a complaint with the local administration, expressing outrage that a porn actress was being publicly featured in the village.

The next day, the plank of the public fence that featured the porn actress’s face was removed and a representative of the village’s administration promised to correct the misunderstanding, noting that everyone who was involved in the art project seemed to have been indifferent towards what they were doing.

The painting has now been updated and features a different model posing as Snegurochka. The Agapovka authorities have stated that the new image on the fence depicts a local resident.

Grey, who retired from the porn industry in 2011 and has since delved into modeling, acting, writing, music and streaming, has not yet commented on the inclusion of her portrait in a Russian town’s decorations.