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Mark Judson, a democratic congressional candidate in North Carolina, has tweeted that he believes actress Gina Carano “should be in prison,” responding to a Daily Wire article claiming “Liberal Privilege is Real” after Whoopi Goldberg was merely suspended for her comments on the Holocaust while Carano was fired for reposting an image on her Instagram.

Judson, who came in second in the 2020 Democratic primary election in North Carolina District 7, gaining over 27,000 votes (36%), accused Carano of “seditious conspiracy” and claimed it was “time to take out the trash.”

Judson has also previously called for former President Donald Trump to be sent to prison as well, and has claimed the US is in a state of civil war, tweeting: “I don’t WANT a Civil War – I want people to understand that we’re ALREADY IN a Civil War – and we damn well better win it!”

In most of his tweets he refers to Republicans as Nazis and calls them ‘RepubliQans” in reference to the QAnon conspiracy theory, implying that anyone who is not a Democrat is an insurgent and not American.

Meanwhile, Gina Carano has been calling for “conversation over cancellation” after ABC News suspended Whoopi Goldberg for two weeks following her comments stating the Holocaust was not about race, since it involved two groups of white people.

Carano had shared an Instagram post of an image warning that persecution like that of the Jews during the Holocaust started with governments pitting people against each other. She tweeted that when she was being “smeared, cancelled & misunderstood” for that post, it was Ben Shapiro – a Jewish man – who reached out and asked her to talk about it. Carano suggested Goldberg also try to have a conversation with Shapiro.

However, it’s unlikely that such a conversation between Goldberg and Shapiro will ever take place, as the Daily Wire host has described Goldberg’s comments about the Holocaust as being not just “insipid” but “insidious,” arguing that her “downplaying” of the “minority status of Jews” upholds “intersectional arguments that justify anti-Semitism today.”