Brexit, American-style: Trump supporters told political & journalist class 'where to go'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a news conference at Turnberry Golf course in Turnberry, Scotland, June 24, 2016. © Carlo Allegri
US president-elect Donald Trump and his millions of supporters have done the same as Britain with Brexit. They have sent an unmistakable message to the elite that they are tired of business as usual, says UKIP MEP David Coburn.

Europe woke up today in shock following the unexpected election result in America.

Gerard Araud, the French ambassador to the US, went so far as to say it’s a sign the world's collapsing. He also compared Donald Trump's victory to Brexit and said that after these two major surprises anything is possible.

RT: Can we call this outcome a protest vote: a vote against the establishment and for real change? Do you think those Trumps ambitious plans will become reality? Are there significant parallels with the Brexit vote here? The former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said that he sees a lot of similarities.

David Coburn: Yes, I think this is a revolution; a follow-on to Brexit. This is Brexit 2. This where the British told their ruling and political class, their journalistic class where to go. And now the Americans have done exactly the same with Donald Trump. They have told the political class and journalistic class where to go and what they want is less mass immigration, more jobs, lower taxes and they want less government interference in their lives. And that is what the British have said to our ruling class and the Americans have done it to theirs, and a jolly good thing, too.

Jon Gaunt, host of, commented on the Donald Trump’s victory: “People in America voted for change. And Donald Trump had managed to articulate what that change could be. I see many parallels with what is happening in the US and the UK when we had a referendum vote on Brexit. There is a lot of anger out there against the establishment elites. And I thought it was pretty obvious that Donald Trump would win just like Nigel Farage won with the Brexit vote.”

RT: Are there significant parallels with the Brexit vote here? The former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has said that he sees a lot of similarities. In both cases mainstream media was doing everything it could to put voters against Trump and Farage. Why did they fail?

DC: I think they failed because people had enough of them, people see through them. One of the reasons why RT does so well is because people have seen what goes on in the mainstream media. RT put UKIP on television when nobody in Britain would put the UKIP on television. And the same thing in the US – they have done everything they can to trash Trump, to trash Farage. This is all about the media trying to get at politicians who are trying to make changes. And the reason is because they are in the pockets of the ruling class. And people have figured that out. That is one of the main reasons why they ignored the press and they have done their own thing.

RT: What will happen to the US - UK special relationship now?

DC: I think they are going to improve massively. I think Trump would be a clean sweep. He is very Anglophile. I am not so sure if he is ‘Scotophile’ because the Scottish government, especially the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her predecessor Alex Salmond have done a lot to upset Mr. Trump over his golf courses and the man wanted to invest a great deal of money in the country, his mother is Scottish and he wanted to invest a lot of money in Scotland. They have done everything they can to spoil that.

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