• Dr. Melina Abdullah - a woman who was at the origins of the movement - Pan-African Studies professor at the California State University, Black Lives Matter organiser in LA
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    In US, black people cast as enemies of state & criminals - BLM organizer
    A black caregiver shot by police in the leg while trying to help his patient. Another black man shot and killed after officers pin him to the ground. A black school employee shot in the car, while his wife and child are forced to witness the...
  • Benedetta Berti - a fellow at the Institute for National Security Studies
    Worlds Apart
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    Extreme moderation?
    The gruesome on-camera beheading of a boy in Aleppo by a US-vetted group has once again reignited the debate of what constitutes “moderate” in the Syrian context. After five years of ever increasing brutality, is there still such a thing...

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The number of terrorist attacks in Europe will go down: