​UK is not letting go of a Western unipolar world

For the UK to keep its nuclear Trident system to counter the Russian threat in light of the Ukrainian crisis is ludicrous and an attempt to resurrect the Cold War, political commentator John Wight told RT, urging Britain to look beyond a unipolar world.

Tory MP Julian Lewis has recently said the idea that the Cold War would never come back has been demolished by the crisis in Ukraine.

RT:So do you think the panic over Russia possibly attacking Eastern Europe is justified?

John Wight: Of course not, this is yet more bombast and blaster on the part of Western ideologues and certain British establishment stooges, who refuse to accept that the days of the West’s unipolarity are over. The very idea that we can resurrect the Cold War in today’s globalized world, wherein interdependency is a key part, is simply ludicrous.

RT:Trident was criticized by many as a drain on a vastly-shrunken defense budget. Does Britain really need it?

JW: The idea that Britain should have its own nuclear capability at a time when destitution in the country is the new norm for increasing thousands and tens of thousands of its citizens is really a product of conceit on the part of these establishment stooges. And it just shows where the priority of the government and its supporters lies in the country. Not to alleviate huge despair that spread across the land. We’ve seen an example of this in the latest chancellor’s budget. But, to try and posture as a first-rate power, where really Britain does not have either the money, the political capital, nor indeed the military capability to do so… So again, this is ludicrous. This is what they are taught in these private schools that Britain is still an empire. And the sooner that mindset disappears, the better it will be for Britain and its citizens, but also for the entire world.

UK MP Julian Lewis, advocating in favor of Britain's nuclear programs, says the country needs it as an 'insurance policy against the unknown'... Do you think it's still crucial for UK security?

JW: No, the only thing that is crucial for UK security and for the security of the West in general is adherence to international law. The idea behind the UN Charter in 1945 was that those who signed it, would actually abide by it. And we’ve seen over the last thirty years that the West has treated international law as a pick and mix. It is applicable as far as the West is concerned when it suits their agenda and it is ignored when it doesn’t. We’ve just seen when it comes to Ukraine or Crimea. Another example prior to that was, of course, Libya, Iraq, Syria and the former Yugoslavia. So the only security worthy of a name is collective security and they will involve everyone’s adhering to international law. The West is showing that it is not willing to do that, but it is certainly not willing to do that consistently and until that changes then security will be threatened.