‘Do we need more leaks in order to be outraged?’

As Wikileaks hints at the possibility of publishing more classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the US intelligence community is getting apprehensive about the whistleblower’s intentions, Charlie McGrath head of Wide Awake News has told RT.

Rumors Iceland is set to give Snowden asylum and has chartered a plane to take the fugitive to the island, has raised speculation the plane might be intercepted by US agents. McGrath says the man is considered by the political elite as the “biggest traitor.”

But McGrath says Americans and the world community should be “outraged” by the revelations, even if no other secrets are exposed by Snowden.

RT:Is WikiLeaks the only organization willing to help this guy?

Charlie McGrath: As far as the organizations go, it seems to be the case, doesn’t it? I think there are a lot of people that are outraged. There are probably a lot of governments that are outraged by the exposure that has come to the NSA and the surveillance community because of Snowden. But as far as organizations, it seems it is the WikiLeaks that will step up and support this guy.

RT:Do you think Iceland will actually grant him asylum and if so why Iceland?

CM: You know Iceland, 320, 000 people of that nation, seemed to be, what I consider to be the freedom loving people of the planet right now. This is the same group that actually went after the bankers for the 2008 collapse and they did not capitulate and lay down and take whatever debt that the bankers wanted to lay on them for the bankers own fraudulent failures. So they seem to be the only bright spot for freedom on this planet. So it does not seem a bit of a surprise that this tiny nation is willing to perhaps to grant asylum for Snowden. We know that Assange has taken many trips to Iceland before the information he put out on WikiLeaks as well. 

AFP Photo / Paul J. Richards

RT:We know that there have been orders to airlines to prevent Snowden getting onboard, that this is a private plane set aside. Is there any way for the American government to intercept him on his way to Iceland or somehow stop him from going to that country?

CM: I’ve spent 2 hours watching CSPAN coverage of so called defense officials addressing Congress. And it was a raw, raw cheer fest for the intelligence gathering community, this liberty-killing body. We had our Congress that was patting them on the back and then the Security Defense Complex telling them that everything was done legally. This is what we know – people die all the time at the hands of a drone strike or at the hands of this government prosecuting the war on terror. We have every Congressman that can get before camera talking about how dangerous this individual is and how the security complex is saying how he is the biggest traitor to this nation since Benedict Arnold. Nothing would surprise me. I would be very nervous and my hope is an uncharted route that they hope on taking.  

RT:Snowden’s leaks sparked outrage all over the world. Should Iceland shelter him, could we expect more staggering revelations from Snowden?

CM:Watching the address of the intelligence community to Congress, they are worried of more information coming out. So I have no doubt that there will be more leaks. But what else do we need? What else to we as people on the planet need? We have our government collecting phone data, collecting electronic data on its citizens all in the name of prosecuting on the war of terror that has been going on for over a decade. Will more information come out? Absolutely because we are marching steadily towards a tyrannical police state. Do we need more information to come out to be more outraged? I say absolutely not. We should all be furious at what we know already.