Juice News: Gun debate in Divided States of America

Robert Foster has once again returned with his rapid-fire flow, this time to drop some knowledge on an issue which fires up the 'Divided States of America' like no other: Gun control.

From Sandy Hook to the tree of liberty, America walks a fine line between freedom and security. Are guns there to stop tyranny? Is tyranny already here? Are there other ways of stopping it besides stocking up on munitions?

In loading up on the First Amendment to wage war over the Second, persuasive arguments have been made on both sides. Yet the verbal combatants have fought to a virtual standstill. Is this the quintessential impasse?

By forgetting 1776, are we ushering in 1984? Or has the fear of dystopia becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, 11,000 annual gun deaths at a time? The episode's special guests are son-of-a-gun Terence Moonseed, and the big-gun General Baxter.