Iran nuclear talks to bring nothing but 'cosmetic changes'

The Obama administration has proposed limited sanctions relief in return for Iran stopping its controversial nuclear activity.

Despite the pressure the sanctions put on Iran’s economy, few believe Iran will easily agree to the American proposal due to the upcoming Iranian presidential election.

“I don't think that Iran has any reasons to give up their nuclear program. Iran has a justified need to have a nuclear energy program and a nuclear medicine program. When it comes to nuclear weapons, we have yet to prove they have got a weapons program. It's much more a sort of fear and hype,” former Washington advisor Gwenyth Todd told RT.

“For a long time, Washington has been pushed by Israel to affect regime change in Iran. The nuclear program has been an excuse. I am not saying a nuclear-armed Iran would be a good thing, a nuclear-armed country is not a good thing.”

Reports suggest that sanctions on gold and precious metals trade could be lifted if the Tehran agrees to shut down a fortified nuclear site buried in a mountain, and halts some of its enrichment activities. The sanctions added to the oil embargo have put massive pressure on Iran.

“I think there is a genuine move on the part of the Obama administration towards dialogue. I think they are being sabotaged every step of the way by right-wing Israeli interests. I know that because during my time in the White House I went through the same thing with the wrestling team, which competed in Iran. That was a very big step forward, yet we were lobbied very heavily by the Israelis to stop that...” Gwenyth Todd says.

Asked by RT if she believed the worst-case scenario could be prevented if Iran agrees to this ultimatum, Todd said she wasn’t sure what the worst-case scenario was.

“I do not believe that there is a military answer to this. So I don't see this as a rival scenario. For the Iranian people i think that it would be wonderful for them to be able to access medicine and food and to be able to have an economy that grows. But as far as any agreements and these talks today, I don't see it accomplishing very much other than sort of cosmetic changes. I think Iran knows that and may be resistant."

A meeting between the leading world powers and Tehran's nuclear representatives aimed at resolving the Iran nuclear dispute is being held in Almaty Kazakhstan. The meeting is taking place for the first time in eight months.

On Tuesday Iran said it also has an offer to the major powers in talks on its nuclear program following the proposal from the US.

Over the past eight months Iran has been actively working in areas where the West believes nuclear weapon development is in progress, Reuters reports. Israel has threatened to attack Iran if it does not halt the controversial work and proves its nuclear developments are peaceful.

However with the presidential election in June, Iran seems to have no intention of giving in and resolving the matter quickly.