France after money in Iran nuclear talks

France is in the midst of economic troubles and is looking for a financial boost from the nuclear talks with Iran, publisher of the Trends Journal Gerald Celente told RT in response to the claims that France had torpedoed nuclear talks with Iran.

The United States, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany and Iran failed to produce an agreement over the weekend. On Monday, US Secretary of State John Kerry countered speculation that France scuppered nuclear talks with Iran, saying the six world powers “signed off” on a deal, but Iran wasn’t ready to accept it. In the meantime, Tehran and the UN nuclear watchdog agreed on a roadmap for cooperation.

RT:Why do you think France stalled the nuclear deal with Iran?

Gerald Celente: It is difficult to say what is going on, but you can put the pieces together and look at the latest piece of the puzzle. When you look at all the geopolitical actions, behind them all, more than likely, is a money issue, whether it is the fighting for the spice routes or the oil passageways. And as you look at what went on with France just in the last couple of days, Standard and Poor’s just lowered their credit rating from AA+ to AA, you look at the recession that France is stuck in, you look at the problems that they are having and France does a lot of business and wants to continue to do more business with the Arab states, particularly the Saudis, and selling them weapons. And of course they have a long history, as they did during Iran-Iraq war of supplying weapons to Iraq via the Arab Sunni nations, who look upon Shia Iran as a mortal enemy. A lot of it has to do with money and power as well. 

RT:What about French influence in the Middle-East - would it suffer if a deal is reached with Tehran?

GC: There is no question that business will suffer, but they will pick it up on other ends. As I look at what the French are doing and look at the short history of the past, look who was the main vocal proponent for war against Libya, it was Sarkozy, listen to Hollande wanting to go into Syria and punish Assad for allegedly using chemical weapons, look who invaded Mali last year. What they may lose use in Iran, in car sales and other sales, they will make up by doing more business with the Arab League and more power in places where they’ve lost since their colonial days.

RT:France and Israel share some common ground regarding the Geneva talks on Iran's nuclear program, is that simply a coincidence?  

GC: There is money behind the deal and we do not know all the ramifications of who is doing what or promising which. But, as an American citizen I am outraged of having Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, hitting the American airwaves at any time that he wants and telling the American people what we must do and what we must believe. Anyone who puts Israel before America is a traitor to this nation.  And as I see it with Netanyahu making the rounds around Congress and the power that they are pushing on them to stall se peace talks with Iran to disassemble their nuclear program, so that they do not have nuclear armaments - which the CIA and other agencies says they are not working towards - to me any congressmen that supports Israel over the United States is a traitor to this country.