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9 Nov, 2021 19:15

Murder of Florida man by illegal immigrant exposes criminal recklessness of Biden's border policies

Murder of Florida man by illegal immigrant exposes criminal recklessness of Biden's border policies

An illegal alien posing as an unaccompanied minor to enter US territory went on to slay the man who gave him shelter, an act that underscores the perils of an open border. But will the Democrats admit as much?

Tragic are the days when the good Samaritan has his life cut short by the very man he has lifted up from the depths of despair. Such is the dismal fate that awaited Francisco Javier Cuellar, a 46-year-old father of four, after giving Yery Noel Medina Ulloa, an illegal immigrant from Honduras, a roof over his head and a job.

Video footage obtained by police shows that the suspect, who told US border patrol that he was 17, when in fact he had just turned 24, stabbed Cuellar to death. The grisly murder exposes the Biden administration’s ridiculous desire to play bed and breakfast to every sort of uninvited stranger that shows up on America’s crowded doorstep.

Clearly, virtue-signaling these days can come at the ultimate price, especially when the beneficiaries of American largesse are not properly vetted – which, in days gone by, was done at the visa window of a US consulate abroad before ever stepping foot in the United States. By essentially declaring US visas a bureaucratic redundancy, the Democrats, in addition to making the country more dangerous, have made a complete mockery of its foreign services stationed abroad.

What has come over the Democrats? Would the radical progressives of the Democratic Party stop their vehicles on a lonely country road to give a ride to a hitchhiker? We already know that some are willing to allow total strangers into their homes, with the shocking yet not so surprising fatal consequences of the sort that just happened in Florida. 

Democrats suffer from the grand delusion that every person on the receiving end of American charity and benevolence will be automatically grateful for the freebies they’ve got. That assumes far too much about human psychology, not to mention the mental state of these new arrivals, of which we know absolutely nothing about. Moreover, would it surprise anyone if it were discovered that the governments of basket-case places like Haiti and Honduras decided to relieve their own pressing social problems by sending thousands of their underprivileged – with a few criminally insane tossed in for good measure – on a one-way journey to the US-Mexican border?

Speaking of the border, this is where the Biden administration has completely lost the plot. It goes without saying that one of the most fundamental governmental duties, in vogue ever since propertied men learned how to stack rocks one on top of another, is to secure the nation’s boundaries. Why is the US trying to reinvent the wheel? In fact, it was due to Donald Trump’s pledge to build a “big, beautiful wall” on the US-Mexican border that made the populist an instant crowd favorite to begin with. Had the Democrats simply taken the cue and ran with it, Hillary Clinton would have been swept into the White House and the swamp monsters could have busied themselves for the next four years with bombing third world countries instead of trying to eject a wily real estate developer from the Oval Office.

To this day, the totally clueless Democratic leaders fail to see the irony of surrounding their palatial estates with wrought iron gates, state-of-the-art surveillance equipment and 24/7 armed security, while, at the same time, arguing that building a wall on the US border is symbolic of racism or white supremacy or what have you, a throwback to earlier times when the world was gripped by a colonial mindset.

So what is the end to this madness? Aside from getting the occasional innocent American killed, robbed or raped, it is argued that the Democrats, whose domestic base is – surprise! – shrinking fast, see a rich source of new voter blood south of the Rio Grande. But have these pea-brained fools thought through their master plan to the end? Of course they haven’t!

First, it’s no secret that very few of the new arrivals from Latin America can speak a lick of English; nor can many Americans speak a lick of Spanish or French. Thus, these strangers from a strange land will have far more crucial matters on their minds – like surviving on the mean streets of America, made even meaner by a pandemic (which, by the way, made Trump’s wall all the more expedient). The last thing the illegals will be interested in doing is giving thanks to the Democrats by showing up on Election Day to figure out how to operate the tricky voting machines. Moreover, as the US economy looks headed for some serious inflation, which will saddle the new arrivals with more problems, any advantage the Democrats may hope to receive from a flood of new voters will be canceled out by reports of homicides, robberies and other acts of violence like the one that just occurred in the Sunshine State.  

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The woke mentality that has infected the Democratic Party is not limited to discussions about what happens to people who don’t respect the need for fences between nations and neighbors. It is the same sort of twisted logic that tells Democrats that allowing transgender women to use the female bathrooms, or allow them to be incarcerated alongside the fairer sex, is a perfectly safe and natural state of affairs. That is, until the totally predictable thing occurs as a girl or woman becomes the victim of sexual assault or even murder.

All things considered, it looks extremely doubtful that the Biden administration, guided as it is by serious fanatics in the ranks, will pause for a moment to see the damage its flimsy border policy is doing to the country at large. Ideologues seldom admit they are wrong, and that is why the only way for the Democratic Party to get back to its political roots is for it to suffer major defeat at the ballot box, with or without the help of illegals. Only then will things begin to get back to some semblance of normalcy in the home of the brave.

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