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29 Oct, 2021 16:12

The woke mob wins again as a top UK feminist, who insists trans women are NOT women, shames academia by quitting her post

The woke mob wins again as a top UK feminist, who insists trans women are NOT women, shames academia by quitting her post

After months of death threats, bullying, and abuse from students and staff, common sense hero and philosophy professor Kathleen Stock has resigned from her job, refusing to cave on the nonsense notion that ‘trans women are women’.

Kathleen Stock has had enough. One of Britain’s most prominent radical feminists, she has quit her post, and in the process shamed the timid academics in charge at the University of Sussex.

The trans mob has triumphed. Prof. Stock has been thrown under the bus. I used to work with a guy who insisted on drinking weak Earl Grey tea with a touch of lemon. I’ve always struggled to think of anything weaker, until reading the response from university Vice-Chancellor Adam Tickell, which is, it must be said, just not good enough.

“We had hoped that Professor Stock would feel able to return to work, and we would have supported her to do so,” Tickell’s statement said. “She has decided that recent events have meant that this will not be possible, and we respect and understand that decision.”

Despite what the vice-chancellor claims to have hoped, so toxic did the atmosphere become, with Stock admitting she’d never known what being surrounded by people who loathed her felt like, that stepping down was the only option.

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Let’s be clear that the university is legally bound protect the freedom of speech of staff and students, and to protect them from discrimination based on protected characteristics – one of which is philosophical belief.

Tickell’s weak-kneed official statement is what passes for a robust defence of a thought leader who has spent a career championing women’s rights in the face of an increasingly vicious campaign waged against her. All for daring to promote the simple but stubbornly logical idea that trans women are not women.

While that’s not an entirely new view, it was the publication of her book ‘Material Girls’ earlier this year that really set the felis among the columbidae, particular at the university where the students – with the support of staff – turned on the professor as a transphobe, TERF fascist.

In that book, Stock argues against the critical theory on gender construct that natal sex and gender identity are two separate things. The critical theory fundamentally holds that the gender identity of a person is defined not by what is between their legs, but what is between their ears. That doctors identifying babies at birth as either male or female are only taking a guess at the gender that at best is 50 percent right, because those babies are yet to choose the gender they really want. Truly, this is how mad it gets, and that’s why Stock begs to differ.

“In the vast majority of cases, sex is not assigned at birth, but detected – in most cases via observation at birth and in a few cases later on,” she writes in ‘Material Girls’. “Sex cannot be ‘resassigned’ though surgery or a change in legal status, nor ‘changed’.”

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This might seem common sense to most of us, but at the University of Sussex, the powers that be have signed up to become one of the activist organisation Stonewall’s ‘diversity champions’ – which usually involves a fee of around £2,500 to tick a few boxes and win the right to fly the rainbow flag. But to maintain that relationship, members of the scheme must support Stonewall’s ideas, and the one that drives the entire organisation these days is that of trans ideology.

The privileged little souls who have chosen the University of Sussex to pursue their studies have bought into this garbage science. As a result, rather than even attempt to spend the £9,000 annual tuition fee paid by their parents on widening their intellectual horizons and evaluating ideas from all spheres (or using the opportunity to get drunk), they’ve decided to pick up pitchforks and flaming torches to hunt down and pillory those who hold opinions not in sync with their own social media-driven, ill-formed, undercooked and irrational ideas about life, the universe, and everything.

Folk like Kathleen Stock need to find a hayshed to hide in, a refuge protected by strong defenders of freedom of expression, if there’s any chance of survival. But as the mob ranks swell, the university leaders cower in submission, lest they too be called out for not adhering to the new way of thinking, as judged by the woke witchfinder generals.

While Prof. Stock retreats to assess what she might do next, there is some light on the horizon for those who don’t stand for the nonsense of critical theory on gender, thanks to the UK government’s reform of equalities legislation to be introduced next year.

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Because the move to outlaw counselling to change gender would seem to acknowledge that a young gay male or a young gay female is just that, and not a person of the opposite sex trapped in the wrong body. This could be common sense creep.

The proposal will, no doubt, cause uproar among the more rabid trans activists and will make individuals working for controversial organisations such as Mermaids, a charity that offers advice and counselling to children with gender dysphoria, liable to for criminal charges if found guilty of encouraging under 18s to change gender. Medical professionals and family members would be excluded from prosecution.

Maybe, just maybe, this is a significant shift in the critical theory on gender debate, which, not directly connected to Kathleen Stock’s resignation, is a sign that the pushback is gaining strength, albeit with casualties along the way. The gender war might still be raging, but it looks like reinforcements are on the horizon.

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