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9 Sep, 2021 15:31

Google & BBC staff are facing an onslaught of woke indoctrination, but it won’t work… people can spot bulls**t a mile away

Google & BBC staff are facing an onslaught of woke indoctrination, but it won’t work… people can spot bulls**t a mile away

Bosses at Google are pushing training that suggests babies are racist, while BBC workers are playing games to ‘assess their privilege’. While employees pay lip service to it all, you can bet many think it’s utter madness.

I have some gut-wrenching, terrible news for the wokeys trying to bend and hammer and shape society and culture to their will: it doesn’t work.

For example, any employee with half a dozen fully operational brain cells knows that they must emit positive noises after sitting through an unconscious bias or diversity awareness training course. 

A glowing, wokeist response is even easier if it’s just a digital questionnaire because, unless you’re truly a drooling imbecile, the ‘right’ boxes to tick are obvious. And the bosses at Google or the BBC, or any number of government departments across the UK and USA, can walk away feeling all warm and woke. 

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None of this, though, is any indication that staff actually BELIEVE. And there’s the rub. If a boss was to sneak down the bar after work on a Friday night and mingle with the minions, or bug the family Sunday dinner or spy on staff txt msgs – whatever – the chat has an entirely different flavour.

It’s generally to the tune of: “I had to sit one of those unconscious bias training courses at work this week and... what a load of old bollocks.”  

Here’s some anecdotal evidence to make the wokey warriors worry. I went to my home town in the north of England in August. A load of government agencies and offices are based there, and the politically correct pandemic cuts deep in these places. The staff, though, they just aren’t falling for it. The talk in the bars and the working men’s clubs and around the dinner tables and in the fish and chip shops is, almost to a man and woman: “Bloody management wasting time and money on stupid crap, yet again.”

Yeah, these same folk might police their pronouns in the workplace a little bit more often because they don’t want any blowback from an over-promoted stuffed shirt. But the minute they step off work premises? Nah. They don’t give a toss.

Google bosses are pushing this woke agenda harder than most. Staff in the US face ridiculous ‘anti-racism training’, doubtless designed by someone who has an impressive sounding degree in some kind of social pseudo-science. A key component of the training drive is video lectures from various thinkers in this ever-expanding field, which is handy – seeing as Google owns YouTube.

Ibram X. Kendi, author of the bestseller ‘How To Be An Antiracist’, is one of them. “To be raised in the United States is to be raised to be racist, and to be raised to be racist is to be raised to almost be addicted to racist ideas,” espouses Kendi in a clip. “The youngest of people are not colorblind – between three and six months, our toddlers are beginning to understand race and see race.”

Righto, then. I don’t really know – no, correction, I really don’t CARE – what the hell he’s babbling on about, sorry, but go ahead anyway. Make my day.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, employs over 135,000 people worldwide. And you can be damn sure this nonsense is on its way to the UK.

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It’s already here anyway, all over the place. To the surprise of precisely nobody who has ever worked for the BBC, for example, there is a ‘game’ whizzing around the corporation’s 22,000 staff right now that tests how privileged they are. 

The ‘Ally Track’ asks 20 questions of lined-up players to try and uncover their level of privilege. I worked at the Beeb for years, and it was always sure to be fertile ground for this woke bollocks. The over-educated dopes who always end up as managers – those who spend their lives talking to each other in endless meetings – are the most privileged of all. They now have that wide-eyed woke stare that is a prerequisite for the promotion that drives their every working moment. 

Outside those management meetings, though, it’s not working. Even people within Google – and, worryingly for the wokeys, Alphabet is a Mecca for the well-educated young – are sick of it. After all, it was Google staff who leaked all this to a journalist working for City Journal.

One of the tastiest nuggets is ‘Allyship In Action’. Staff are asked to “identify their privileged identities” and rank themselves on a hierarchy – a ‘Wheel of Power/ Privilege’ diagram which has one slice of the wheel asserting that “gay men” have more privilege and power than “lesbian, bi, pansexual and asexual people.” 

There are also loads of unofficial “anti-racism resources” documents floating around within Google – they must, surely, be Google Docs – that include a graphic which illustrates covert or “socially acceptable” forms of white supremacy. These include “white silence,” “denial of white privilege,” “colorblindness,” “paternalism,” “tokenism,” and the “meritocracy myth.” 

How about ‘The White Supremacy Pyramid’? Donald Trump, of course, makes it a fair way up the pyramid, while mass murderers such as Norwegian shooter and bomber Anders Breivik are at the top. The phrase “Make America Great Again,” therefore, MUST be a step towards “mass murder” and “genocide.”

I went on an unconscious bias training course myself a little while ago, just to see what they were going on about. It took up most of my day, online, and I learnt… absolutely nothing. I am biased against some people, we all are. I knew that already. Yup, so what? Lots of black people don’t like some other black people, lots of gay people don’t like some other gay folk, etc. That’s life.

And I can hear my mates in my local bar, and their opinion on all this, as they sup from a pint glass with the football on the TV screens: “It’s a load of old bollocks, utter bollocks.” 

Anyone else out there agree? I’m sure many of you do... just don’t tell your boss.

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