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7 Sep, 2021 15:16

Wayne Dupree: Biden is not fit for office, but he’ll never resign because his handlers won’t allow it

Wayne Dupree: Biden is not fit for office, but he’ll never resign because his handlers won’t allow it

Joe Biden’s handlers appear to be running the US, so don’t expect them to ever suggest he quits. What we need is a system where a president who fails to meet a minimum performance standard is forced to step down.

One hundred years from now, historians will debate how Joe Biden was ever elected president when it was more than evident that he wasn’t up to the job. The Democrats pulled a fast one in getting Biden elected. He has become their Trojan horse as his unelected handlers make decisions that affect the course of this nation. It’s nothing less than a tragedy.

In today’s political landscape, we have way too many ‘self-serving’ politicians on both sides of the aisle. They need a stark, long-lasting reminder that they work for and serve the people, and one way of doing this would be putting in place ‘performance standards’ that would determine eligibility to run for a second term, and each term thereafter.

Very simply, if those elected by the public don’t meet the performance standard, they should not be put on an election ballot again for a period of 10 years. The performance standard should be enforced nationally, and could be adjusted every 10 years, post census. Additionally, primaries need to be opened up to every eligible voter and every party; the two-party domination has to end.

Many have asked for Biden to resign. But why would anyone believe he would do this? His team kept him out of the spotlight during the election campaign just so that Americans would not be exposed to what they were voting for. Bearing that in mind, they will not let him resign.

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And as for him being aware of what he is doing in Afghanistan? I don’t think so; I believe he was oblivious to the real-world consequences. I also think the people advising him did not grasp the severity of the situation and so guided him down the wrong path.

The sad reality is that at this point he does not even know he should fire them. That shows us just how incompetent America’s leader is right now. The people advising Biden are running our country, and we will see more of these bad decisions moving forward.

So, what’s the solution? Congress needs to do its job and step in with investigation, impeachment or whatever other measure might be left to deal with the situation. But members won’t do anything until at least after the mid-terms, because they’re afraid it will cause them to look bad at poll time. Congress hopes the current mess will have disappeared from the news cycle before then.

It would appear that the people we have voted for are Biden’s handlers. And those around him – who’ve gained power and wealth by installing him as president – would never allow him to resign. As a result, we American citizens suffer, our partners in Afghanistan suffer and our children will suffer in years to come. Appointees are now running the US, and their lack of common sense is showing.

How much more are Americans willing to take before they decide enough is enough? Eight months in, Biden has presided over one disaster after another. Are we waiting for another before we do something? This isn't a grade school, where the teacher gives a warning and then another before finally asking the student to go to the principal’s office. We aren’t dealing with a disruptive student, here… we are dealing with life and death.

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This is probably all part of the Democrats’ plan, though. Through their legislation, they continually give the impression they HATE America and want to make every American ashamed for being an American. They are bringing this country to its knees, with everyone begging for government help, which they will gladly give – and, before you fully appreciate what has happened, we’ll finally wake up to the fact we have a socialist government, as planned all along. Domestic chaos and division overseas are guaranteed.

And let’s not think that this is over by any stretch, as in no way are the Dems through with using Biden. Until then, he’ll stay put because they don't have a good backup on the bench with Kamala Harris. She’d probably be more unpopular than Biden, albeit for different reasons. The Dems are in real trouble because their management of the country has been – and continues to be – so terrible. Voters need to let them know what a bad job they’ve done and how out of step they are with many Americans.

The outlook for our country is bleak if this is how we do things. It’s easy to say we deserve better, but we are getting exactly what we deserve for allowing things to turn out this way. Just remember, if Donald Trump was president, and this same scenario had happened, Nancy Pelosi would have found a way to impeach him. The Dems, Biden and his handlers are destroying America, and we cannot let it happen.

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