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16 Jun, 2021 19:57

‘Whiteness’ is a ‘parasitic’ condition with no ‘permanent cure,’ according to a psychoanalyst desperate to boost his woke points

‘Whiteness’ is a ‘parasitic’ condition with no ‘permanent cure,’ according to a psychoanalyst desperate to boost his woke points

A virtue-signaling medical paper called ‘On Having Whiteness’ is gaining attention and getting away with horrendous racism purely because he’s talking about Caucasians and not any other race.

Dr. Donald Moss’ paper was published last month in the Journal of American Psychoanalytic Association. It argues that “whiteness” is a “malignant, parasitic-like condition” that comes with “perverse appetites.”

“Whiteness is a condition one first acquires and then one has – a malignant, parasitic-like condition to which ‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility. The condition is foundational, generating characteristic ways of being in one’s body, in one’s mind, and in one’s world,” Moss writes, making sure to add that white people’s “deformed appetites” most often target nonwhite people.

What is the cure for this terrible light-skin condition? 

“Effective treatment consists of a combination of psychic and social-historical interventions,” Moss recommends, though he makes sure to say whiteness is a “chronic condition” for which there is no “permanent cure.”

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Moss may teach psychoanalysis at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute and the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis and he even has an ‘On Having Whiteness’ course – only $40! – but his analysis in his new ‘research’ comes from a place of pure politics and a perverse need to please the most extreme sects of woke crowds. He even gives a shout out to Donald Trump and his supporters at one point, ensuring that any white-hating liberal reading will have no confusion about where he’s coming from.

“The ravages wreaked by the chronic condition can function either as warning (‘never again’) or as temptation (‘great again’). Memorialization alone, therefore, is no guarantee against regression,” Moss writes, quoting Trump’s famous “Make America Great Again” slogan. 

Open up Twitter or Facebook’s trending topics and chances are you’ll see some story related to race in the US today and thousands more comments from people digitally shouting over each other and competing to see who can virtue-signal by blasting their own “whiteness” and other evil whites, so it’s not a shock to learn someone is out there cashing in on equating “whiteness” to cancer on steroids. 

What is surprising – and concerning – is that raging against whiteness has moved from nonsense arguments on social media to a medical journal, though it’s hard to tell what exactly is scientific or scholarly about Moss’ piece.

Some fellow medical professionals and other critics have been quick to dismiss the article, and express shock over it being published in a medical journal.

“How do my colleagues consider this scholarship?” psychologist Dr. Philip Pellgrino tweeted.

Sadly, Moss’ “whiteness” rant has earned praise though.

While Moss’ ‘abstract’ summary of his findings is obviously catered towards getting attention from certain crowds, it draws a blatantly racist conclusion.

The argument that racism exists and certain societal structures and histories may put some races ahead of others is nothing new nor controversial, but Moss is making the argument that many liberals do when they’ve wandered a bit too far into the ‘woke’ fog and can’t see reality anymore. 

Moss is literally arguing that skin color is a disease. Take “whiteness” out of his rant and replace it with any other race, and it would read exactly like a piece by the most vicious white supremacist arguing that black people, or Jews, or Asians have a core disease that must be cured through “psychic and social-historical interventions.”

Such an article would be abhorrent and would never find its way into a peer-reviewed medical journal. Thanks to the culture in the US being choked by vague and ever-changing woke standards though, you can display as much hatred and racism as you like, as long as you are targeting white people. 

As organizations such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ and concepts like ‘white privilege’ have become popularized in recent years, a vocal sect of the left has essentially become everything they argue against. Instead of preaching equality, they simply believe people of a certain skin color are being oppressed and their solution is switching out this group with white people. This is not equality. 

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Moss’ paper echoes this same virtue signaling, but the argument boils down to saying a group of people are diseased, morally deficient and must be actively treated because of their skin color. This is not psychoanalysis. This is trendy hate. When Moss and others make these public condemnations of white people simply because of their skin color, it says more about them than any race. Such arguments are made for the sake of attention and having your voice heard in a group of screaming wokies, all trying to get their ‘brave’ moment of admonishing their own sinful skin color while hitting all the keywords they hear vomited through ‘woke’ social media and slanted cable news. 

It’s sad to see such behavior displayed by people whose professions and backgrounds should dictate they are a bit more nuanced and experienced, but we also live in a country where the president panders to the far left. Biden claims “terrorism from white supremacy” is the US’ greatest domestic threat, a claim not backed by fact but rather the swinging emotions of people like Moss looking for public vindication and obsessed with shrouding every argument in victim culture. 

Nobody’s bad deeds boil down to the amount of melanin they come into this world with. For a medical professional to try and make this claim and only back it up with questionable political beliefs is beyond shameful. The argument is the same one racists have been making for years. If Moss had identified any race besides white people as evil terrorists with a parasitic condition that must be treated, he would be out of a job and likely not practicing right now. Instead, we live by the rules of the social justice warrior mob who have strangled the culture and made it A-okay to spit venomous hate, as long as you’re targeting the ‘right people’ and those ‘right’ people at the moment are ‘white’ people. If we keep accepting the arguments of people like Moss, racism will simply transfer from one race to another and continue that cycle for decades to come. 

If the leftist pundits we see talking about race issues daily really cared about ending hate, they would condemn the hate spewed by Moss as quickly as they would if he had put any race in his sights besides white people. 

Hate is hate, and this is sadly a concept an increasing number of self-anointed social justice warriors like Moss are unwilling to accept.

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