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19 Apr, 2021 19:33

Texans would rather have a celeb grenade like McConaughey as gov than the same old politics – and that’s alright, alright, alright

Texans would rather have a celeb grenade like McConaughey as gov than the same old politics – and that’s alright, alright, alright

A new poll shows that actor Matthew McConaughey, who has mentioned a potential jump into politics, has far more support in his state to run for governor than the currently-elected Republican.

In a poll released Sunday by The Dallas Morning News and University of Texas at Tyler, 45% of registered Texan voters wouldn’t mind the guy most well known for saying, “alright, alright, alright” as their next governor. 

Republican Governor Greg Abbott, on the other hand, received only 33% support in the poll. Broken down by party lines, it becomes clearer that McConaughey’s popularity on the screen – also likely recent interviews touching on cultural subjects like political correctness – outshines any ‘experience’ Abbott or others bring to the job. 

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Among Republicans, 56% said they would support a McConaughey run to lead the Lone Star state, while just 30% threw their weight behind Abbott.

For Democrats, 66% support the ‘Dazed and Confused’ star, while a mere 8% would want Abbott in for another round. 

The poll is good news for McConaughey, who recently mentioned a potential future in politics as he appears to be slowing down in his acting career to pursue other opportunities – he released a memoir last year. 

“It’s a true consideration,” he said of the potential run for governor, saying he’s balancing what his “leadership role” is in the future to his home state. 

The little that is known about McConaughey politically has mainly earned him ire from the left, as he’s targeted both political parties and called out “condescending” Hollywood liberals in recent chats. His non-PC friendliness combined with his relationship to folks like Jordan Peterson (aka Red Skull, apparently) has already inspired waves of social justice warriors to warn the Austin resident to check his “white privilege” as they attempt to tie him to the most extreme version of conservatives painted by the mainstream media. 

If McConaughey does choose to run and he continues his push as a self-described “moderate,” he will find quickly there is no grey area in modern American politics. You’re on one side or the other, and if you refuse to ‘cancel’ someone like Peterson, your side has already been decided for you. 

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For now, however, McConaughey has the same wild card celebrity appeal that many public figures have when they jump into politics, Donald Trump included. Not knowing the man’s specific positions, but admiring his more broad, straightforward approach to subjects is something voters are craving more and more as approval ratings for lawmakers in Congress continue to be abysmal. 

Trump may have lost in 2020, but he also received more votes than any incumbent president ever. Like it or not, the man’s brash style and penchant for theater mastered over decades in television and in front of cameras gave him an appeal against the same-old, same-old, well-groomed politicians we’re so used to seeing slide in and out of office. 

Like Trump, McConaughey is a political grenade. Success or failure, he’s different and sure to shake up a system that, quite frankly, needs some shaking up, especially when you consider the current president is staring down the barrel of 80 and already served as vice president in the very administration that arguably created the void Trump capitalized on to win the presidency in 2016.

McConaughey is not the only celebrity who has mentioned politics as a serious consideration in the post-Trump era. Former Trump supporter Caitlyn Jenner is reportedly looking at challenging Governor Gavin Newsom in California, and others have mentioned interests in representing their home states, like the Trump-supporting Kid Rock (Michigan). 

It may sound crazy to hand the keys of the castle to a bunch of reality television stars and entertainers, but this is how out of touch politicians have become. People identify more with a frustrated celebrity bucking woke trends than anyone who can bring vague ‘experience’ to the job. 

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One can argue this is a bad thing and just further chaos, but only a few months of the Biden administration has already shown us the reliability career politicians have. The current president has spent his first weeks racking up massive bills, completely fumbling on the immigration crisis at the border, and he even pushed the deadline for US troops to leave Afghanistan (something that likely is only even being considered by this administration because Trump pushed them into a corner with his peace deal).

The role of politician is not some sacred role to be worshipped, but that’s the place we’ve reached with many modern representatives, who act as celebrities in their own right, cashing big government checks, spending half their time on cable news, and promising the same things over and over, and not delivering. 

It’s this disappointment that led to Trump, and it’s this disappointment that will likely lead to a Gov. McConaughey, if we ever see the day he decides to run. That disappointment, however, is not a bad thing. Either PC-hating figures like McConaughey can bring some positive changes to politics, or they can at least remind those sitting comfortably in their offices to not get too comfortable because their jobs can be done by anybody, even the ex-star of ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation.’

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