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26 Mar, 2021 16:08

Dazed, confused and dreaming of a future without a Republican Party? Biden’s first press conference should terrify all Americans

Dazed, confused and dreaming of a future without a Republican Party? Biden’s first press conference should terrify all Americans

The self-styled most transparent president in US history gave a bumbling, evasive performance on Thursday. Was his question about whether there will be a Republican Party in 2024 a sinister threat, or just foot-in-mouth senility?

Back in October 2020, I wrote an article prior to the outcome of the Presidential election entitled “Americans Deserve to Know What Happens if Joe Biden is Elected,” in which I outlined what a Biden Presidency would look like for America, and what it would mean for Americans and the world. 

On Thursday, Biden held his first press conference since taking office 65 days prior and, as a political operative who has been working in Presidential politics for over thirty years, I can’t help but notice the terrifying and stark comparison between this event and those of his predecessors.

The very first sentence of my October article was, “Signs of Joe Biden’s mental decline are coming thick and fast.” After watching his press conference, that statement is more true than ever before. It is custom for such events to begin on time and in a very organized and structured manner, with the President fully prepared and briefed prior on questions the press may or may not have. It was not lost on me, the American people, or the mainstream media, that Biden’s press conference, which was supposed to begin at 1.15 pm EST sharp, began nearly 15 minutes late, with no warning or explanation. It lasted for 62 minutes, yet he only answered ten questions from a room of 30 reporters, while making a noticeable effort to skip questions from Fox News and the other conservative media outlets.

In comparison to previous first press conferences, President Trump spoke to the White House press corps for more than 77 minutes and took 30 questions, President Obama spoke for 58 minutes and took 13 questions, and President George W. Bush spoke for 29 minutes, answering 20 questions from diverse media outlets. In short, President Biden has set the record for answering the least amount of questions during his first press conference while relying on 10 hand-picked, left-leaning reporters to ensure a pre-arranged outcome.

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It’s time for a cognitive check-up, Joe

Biden also appeared to have noticeable cognitive difficulties, including losing his train of thought, looking confused, stumbling over words, pausing awkwardly and at numerous points appeared to be reading scripted answers from a notebook. 

In one example, he fumbled his attempt to answer a question posed by PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor about the crisis at the southern border, saying, “And the other thing we’re doing, I might add,” he said, before stopping in mid-sentence to ask, “Am I giving you too long of an answer? Because if you don’t want the detail… I don’t know how much detail you want about immigration,” then looked down at his notebook, appeared to sigh and said, “Maybe I’ll stop there.” His answer made no sense, nor did he try to clarify it.

This is all alarming for many reasons, not least the fact that the conference was scheduled and announced nine days ago. Biden, the 46th President of the United States of America and leader of the free world, should have been very well prepared, capable of thinking on his feet, having full command of the room, and able to traverse multiple topics without referring to a binder filled with detailed, scripted answers that he can read word for word in case he loses his train of thought or simply can’t remember. 

There was also an odd moment where he walked in front of the podium while a reporter was asking her final question. It made one do a double take and ask, “What in the world is he doing”? For those watching and observing through a political and historical lens, Biden’s performance was disturbing and unprecedented.

Four years ago, Donald Trump, at 70, became the oldest person to win the presidency. He was subjected to daily calls from the left-wing media and politicians to take a cognitive exam to ensure that he was fit for office. He took the test. He passed. So, one could make the argument that it is relevant to ask Biden, who is 78 and now the oldest President in our history, to do the same and share the results with the American people. He should also release his detailed health records, if for no other reason but to silence critics who suggest he is hiding something.  Since he took office, the President has publicly fallen on at least three occasions and demonstrated an inability to walk up a flight of stairs or go long periods of time without calling a lid.

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Transparency that’s as clear as mud

While there is no law that requires presidents to subject themselves to these tests or divulge this information, (perhaps there should be), it does signify an alarming lack of transparency from Biden, who bragged at his press conference that one of the three reasons he ran for President in the first place was to, “restore the soul, dignity, honor, honesty, and transparency to the political system…”. The irony is not lost on most Americans.

The timing of the event was also not lost on those paying attention. Given that this was Biden’s first press conference since being inaugurated, and he claims to be the most transparent president, one would think he’d want as many viewers as possible. However, it was oddly scheduled for 1:15 pm EST on a Thursday when the majority of Americans were at work, making it unlikely they watched or listened in real time. It was also put on at the same time as a highly anticipated Congressional hearing on “disinformation” and Big Tech’s role in the 2020 elections.

Big Tech’s censorship and the increasing violation of American freedoms is arguably one of the most pressing issues in America, and for other democracies around the world.  While Biden didn’t spend any time addressing these issues, he did mention that he had called China’s President Xi and “schooled him” on what he called China’s “abuses of freedoms.”

While Biden is quick to criticize China for abuses of freedoms, he’s strangely silent about Big Tech’s abuses of freedoms. Might this have something to do with his administration’s close ties to Facebook et al, who are actively censoring conservatives and Republican politicians online? The First Amendment is the bedrock of the US Constitution, and Biden’s administration has been worse than most third-world nations on the issue of press freedom and free speech. 

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Drowning out conservative voices

Former Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf was featured on Tucker Carlson’s show last week where she compared Big tech’s censorship in America to that carried out by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), saying, “Unfortunately, my side, the Dems, are kind-of in an embrace with Big Tech to kind-of consolidate power on social media and drown out conservative voices. It’s really a very kind-of CCP type of conditioning to kind-of conform and watch our words. It’s censorship.”

Biden, as the leader of the Democratic Party, is certainly the last person who should be lecturing other world leaders on abuses of freedoms, unless it is to give them lessons on how to do it.

In October of 2020, I also said in my article, “Americans with Left-leaning politics are comfortable playing fast and loose with democratic norms. You can arguably blame Franklin D. Roosevelt for this.  President Roosevelt was the father of modern American socialism and social security.”  Biden sees himself, remarkably as it may seem, as a modern-day FDR.  The New York Times reported on January 31 that “In the weeks before taking office, President Biden and his aides spent time digging into books about Franklin D. Roosevelt, both biographies and volumes exploring his iconic first 100 days…”.

The headline glared, ‘Biden’s Fast Start Echoes FDR’s. Now Comes the Hard Part.’

Biden is 15 days past the midpoint of the first 100 days of his presidency and his first press conference confirmed yet again my prediction that he would seek to undermine the traditional two-party political system that exists in America today, and has existed since the founding of our nation. 

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Time to outlaw the Republican Party?

Biden was asked if he believed the 2024 election will be a rematch with former President Donald Trump.  He cackled and answered, “Oh, come on... I don’t even think about – I have no idea… I have no idea there’ll be a Republican Party. Do you?”  And no, this is not a typo.  This is what Biden said, verbatim. Surprisingly, no one from the White House press corps followed up on that bizarre statement or pressed him for clarification. So, we are left with more questions than answers. Why does Biden think that the Republican Party or, for that matter, the 74 million Americans who voted against him, will not be around in 2024?

Does President Biden plan on signing more unconstitutional executive orders to ensure his new New Deal is enacted, bypassing the legislative branch and Republicans all together? In the first 65 days of his Presidency, he has signed 37 executive orders. The American people have the right to know how many more will follow.  

For instance, does he plan on outlawing, by executive decree, free and fair elections? Or will he, by the stroke of his mighty pen, ban the Republican Party from existence altogether? Biden’s statement regarding the future of the Republicans and his use of executive orders should make every freedom-loving American very nervous, and it screams of abuse of power.  

In comparison, Donald Trump only signed 12 executive orders prior to his first press conference, Barack Obama 14, and President George W. Bush seven. Biden has signed more executive orders ahead of his first press conference than his last three predecessors combined!

With regard to his claim that he won’t have a Republican opponent in four years, Donald Trump, speaking at CPAC in February, has already flirted with the idea of running for President again in 2024. And, there is sure to be interest by other ambitious Republicans who want to throw their hat in the ring. 

At the very least, it’s an odd and silly prediction by our commander in chief.  However, we are living in very odd and, many would argue, interesting times.   

The 46th President of the United States has some serious explaining to do about his aloofness, unawareness, declining mental state, and overall disregard for American traditions and Constitutional means of governing.  

With just over 30 days left before his presidential honeymoon period is over, he needs to reassure his fellow citizens that he is mentally fit to serve, because his performance yesterday suggested otherwise, and it should terrify every American, regardless of their party affiliation.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.