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22 Jan, 2021 15:26

Wayne Dupree: Biden said he was going to preside over a dark winter. Yep, he's making it happen, alright

Wayne Dupree: Biden said he was going to preside over a dark winter. Yep, he's making it happen, alright

The burden facing Americans is about to get greater. Taxes will increase, the cost of living will go up and 11 million illegal immigrants will become citizens. Liberal ideology is expensive, and the elite won't be paying for it.

​I don’t care much for Joe Biden as I voted for President Donald Trump, but the simple, undeniable truth is that Trump delivered in four years what Biden and company only ran their lying mouths about for 40 years. Now we’ve thrown Trump out and gone back to the non-delivering liars; that is powerful evidence that we are not very bright.

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​Do you use gasoline, heating oil, propane? Here's the genius of Biden's unity declaration: in his first decrees, a few hours into his reign, he killed thousands of jobs by halting the 875-mile long Keystone XL pipeline. A moronical act of economic vandalism to appease just a few people. 

I hope you have saved up your money, you’re gonna need it. Today we start the decline into dark times. Biden also wants to give free medical care to 11 million illegal immigrants, and allow them a ‘path’ to citizenship. So they can return the present by gratefully giving their votes to Democrats. What a loon.

Undoing every single thing a previous president did? Seems a little vindictive. Trump's policies worked better than any establishment policy I have ever seen.

​I learned from the Barack Obama administration that “representing you” means that you get to sit down and shut up, while they, the Democratic politicians, do everything you don't want to be done. And so here we go. As Yogi Berra said, “This is deja vu all over again.”

​Biden also re-signed the Paris Climate Accord after President Trump pulled us out of it. This accord is simply the theft of American wealth. A money laundering scheme to steal taxpayer money and redistribute the proceeds to the political class and other deep-state actors while accomplishing nothing tangible. It allows our betters to virtue signal, and that is what they really want.

​Biden is a continuation of the Democrat agenda and a placeholder for something more sinister. There is one strategy to counter this mess that hasn't been mentioned, but which I have frequently spoken about on my radio show. Democrat fraud only works to control the election process (registration, voting, counting, and certification). But there are enough congressional districts that they don't control for us to elect an America First majority in the House in 2022. Following the constitutional limits on federal powers, they could stop the Democrat agenda. It would end unlimited Democrat control of Washington.

​We should immediately organize a 2022 campaign in every ‘independent’ district to elect an America First or Patriot Party candidate loyal to the Constitution, the district, and American traditions. No RINOs. We should also work to get RINO senators out in next year’s primaries.

​There is no human being on the face of the earth that doesn't desire freedom and prosperity. A chance at life. America, of all places, has offered that chance. However, when free-market enterprise is stifled, there is no prosperity for anyone. When the justice system fails for one, it fails for all. When racism is used to divide people, there is no unity. When the people can no longer have their voices heard in selecting their political leaders, that is tyranny. This is the destruction of the human spirit to be free. When God is marginalized, God will not save a nation that forgets him. Divide and conquer. Depopulation. This is the face of communism. This is globalism.

​Biden just declared a division deeper than the day before signing those executive orders. Now we’re back to the days of the Obama dictatorship, and the spending dam has broken, and China will own us.

​America is in grave danger if there are any military threats to our nation. Our enemies see Biden's mental and physical condition and have had their experts analyze his television appearances. Our enemies will be greatly emboldened with him in office. China will be particularly bold since they own the Democrats. Expect China, Russia, and Iran to take aggressive actions in the next several years. America is entering a very dark period.

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​To all those who think Biden won this election and who voted for him, you're being deceived just like the rest of the sheep in this country. His placement into the White House was the finalization of the biggest coup in world history, carried out by the left and establishment RINOs that hated Trump as much as the left. Their goal is anything but helping American citizens; we’re now entering the phase of being a world citizen, and that isn't going to work out for any of us. 

​Kamala Harris is so excited. Once rejected by her own party and facing being probably kicked out by her own state, she is now VP and ready at a moment's notice to become president. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing a radical reject is sitting so close to the top spot.

​If the Democrats want unity, then they need to start apologizing for all their shenanigans over the past four years. My bet? Don't expect it anytime soon.

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