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4 Dec, 2020 14:59

Wayne Dupree: Make no mistake, if Biden becomes president, the Democrats will go all in to change America forever

Wayne Dupree: Make no mistake, if Biden becomes president, the Democrats will go all in to change America forever

The post-election battle we’re involved in now is about the very survival of our republic. By hook or by crook, the power-hungry Democrats want to make it impossible for a Republican to ever enter the White House again.

The greatest accomplishment of Donald Trump was to show to anybody with a modicum of intellect the true face of our phony ruling class.

These people in charge of our country are corrupt, incompetent, and lack any empathy. An obsession with power unites them. They represent only themselves and betray us, the ordinary folk, to the highest bidder.

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They have absolute contempt for what they consider to be the unwashed masses. To them, we are good only to serve as lab rats for social engineering experiments and to fight pointless wars in distant lands. Unless opposed, their obsession with power, control, and implementing idiotic experiments will destroy everything One can only hope that it eventually includes themselves.

Perhaps Trump’s second-greatest accomplishment was to show the world that the Democrats have been stealing elections for decades. Philadelphia is notorious for its dubious election results, yet nothing is ever done –no real investigations, no prosecutions. Trump’s strategy in the 2020 presidential election was brilliant. He was everywhere holding massive rallies before thousands of flag-waving cheering crowds. Biden stayed mostly in his basement, mumbling through a mask on the rare video calls that few watched.

When the elderly Democrat did eventually venture out, his audience consisted of fewer than a dozen lethargic, mask-wearing, disinterested participants sitting on chairs in socially distanced circles.

The only thing I find odd is how many people seem surprised by the results of this election. The Democrats voted to try to remove a sitting president because of a phone call, and they almost got away with that farce. For four years, they tried everything to screw him over, even a 24/7 news cycle that included 94 percent negative news toward the commander-in-chief. The only thing they could do toward the end was to screw with the election.

Make no mistake, if Biden becomes president, the Democrats will go all in to change America forever. In 2024, improving on the tactics they employed this time round, President Kamala Harris will get 99 percent of the vote. They would like to make it 100 percent, but that would just look silly.

So, to my mind, for the immediate future, red states need to take a page right out of the Democrats’ playbook.

For the past several years, Democrats have taken the position that they have the right to ignore federal laws and policies that they don’t like, such as their sanctuary-city policies that Trump has rightly gone to war on. Red states need to show the Democrats that what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. They should refuse to abide by or enforce any draconian diktats that come out of the Biden presidency, such as lockdowns, and especially anti-Second Amendment executive orders. Then dare Biden to try to make them comply.

There were 50 elections on November 2 to choose the electors to go forward to the Electoral College, with the ballots in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona some of the more important ones. These electors will meet on Monday, December 14 for the election to select the next president and vice president. Trump’s court cases and investigations are designed to prevent the stealing of this election. Congress must then vote on these results in early January.

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Our constitutional framers designed a brilliant system capable of stopping the presidency from being stolen by states unwilling to secure the election of their Electoral College candidates. It remains to be seen whether these stopgap provisions will be effective. Let’s not forget that, back in 2016, when Trump won, liberals urged the College electors to use their powers to block him becoming president and instal Hillary Clinton instead. When the Democratic result doesn’t go their way, they argue ‘there’s too much of it.’

I have lived a long time, but I never thought I would live long enough to see the end of our republic. Save me a seat in one of the ‘re-education’ camps that will be coming our way soon. Although, at my age, and with my fixed conservative views, I may not make it past the ‘selection’ process. Of course, I’m kidding. I hope. 

The more stealing, fraud, and abuse of powers that occur, the more empowered and bold the socialists and progressives will become. Mainstream liberal journalists who wouldn’t know a backbone from a hole in the head have no idea of the reckoning that is coming. Even their pro-blue sentiments are unlikely to save them. 

This fight that’s coming wasn’t what we wanted. Nevertheless, we will do what we must, and liberty will never be taken from us.

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