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30 Nov, 2020 22:42

Biden's identitarian-based administration looks like it's going to be so diverse that it's not actually diverse at all

Biden's identitarian-based administration looks like it's going to be so diverse that it's not actually diverse at all

Joe Biden's transition team thought it was hailing yet another identitarian breakthrough achieved by the nominal president-elect, touting the "barrier-shattering" selection of an all-female White House communications brain trust.

But what it really did was provide one of those unintentionally revealing peaks into the Democrat mindset. And in this case, the view is disturbingly perverse.

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Sunday's announcement regarding the seven women who will fill out the Biden administration's senior communications staff – if there is a Biden administration – was comical on its face. It spoke repeatedly of how diverse the new dream team is while also bragging that the group is made up entirely of females. It's sort of like saying you've made your baseball team's pitching staff more well-rounded by using only right-handed pitchers.

Presumptive Vice President-elect Kamala Harris called the new communications appointees a "barrier-shattering" group, while Biden called them "the first senior White House communications team comprised entirely of women." Neither statement was strictly true – or true at all.

Just what barrier are these women breaking through? None. Women account for about 63 percent of public relations professionals and 59 percent of public relations managers in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Mathematically, this would be sort of like a town's new mayor appointing an all-male fire department in the name of diversity, and bragging about it. More specifically to the White House, predominantly female communications staff are common. And more specific to right now, as Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Matthews points out, the CURRENT White House communications team is led entirely by women.

That's right. The communications staff for the administration of President Donald Trump, also known as Bad Orange Man – the bogeyman whom Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers call sexist, racist and just about every other bad IST-ending word – is headed by women only.

But here's where the scary Democrat inner mind kicks in. As Sarah Palin and countless other left-wing punching bags have proven, a conservative-thinking woman is not a woman at all in the eyes of "progressive" Democrats. This is the same thinking that disqualifies Blexit founder Candace Owens from being black. In fact, when white Antifa basement dwellers attacked Owens in 2018 and called her a white-supremacist racist, that was perfectly cool in woke land.

That's why a Democrat can sincerely say this will be the first time that the White House has an all-woman senior communications staff. And the fact that it's advertised as diverse without having the male half of the population represented? Well, just as conservative women aren't really deemed women, men in general – and particularly heterosexual, white, Christian, Republican men – aren't weighed as fully human on the left. 

Trump's administration apparently created its all-female communications team the right way – by accident, putting its most effective people in the roles where they were most needed.

Biden has taken the opposite approach. Even long before he had received his party's nomination for president, he pledged to choose a female running mate. As his decision drew near in August, it became clear that he would need to choose a non-white woman, and preferably a black woman, to placate skin-color-focused voters who didn't support Biden in the primaries. 

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He wound up picking Harris, one of the worst-performing candidates in the primaries. So, one of the most consequential running-mate selections in the nation's history was based not on qualifications, but identity politics. At 78, Biden would be the oldest US president on record. Given his age and what they've seen of his failing mind on the campaign trail, 59 percent of Americans in a Rasmussen Reports poll don't expect Biden to finish a four-year term. Even 49 percent of Democrats expect the vice president to take over at some point. And yet, the vast majority of the population was ruled out before Biden chose his running mate.

Qualifications have remained a secondary priority in Biden's other staffing selections. His press secretary, Jen Psaki, blundered so much during her stint as State Department spokeswoman under Secretary of State John Kerry in 2013-2014 that she gave rise to a new internet term, "psaking" -- meaning to make a dogmatic statement about something that one doesn't understand, or to mix facts up and refuse to apologize. 

Symone Sanders, who was named senior adviser and chief spokeswoman for Harris, became infamous in 2016 for mocking white people who were being beaten in the streets by groups of black people on suspicion that they had voted for Trump. "Oh my goodness, poor white people," she said on CNN, likening such mob attacks to protests. 

While Biden's communications team lacks in diversity of gender, his overall administration looks to be even more lacking in diversity of thought. One of his candidates for defense secretary, Michele Flournoy, would be the first woman in that job, but she's also a fan of military interventions all over the globe. The same can be said for his pick for secretary of state, Anthony Blinken. Team Biden will be on the same wavelength: pro-war, pro-military industrial complex, pro-Wall Street, pro-corporatism, pro-big government and pro-virtue signaling.

The woman named on Monday as budget director, Neera Tanden, weaves those themes together, in a sickening sort of way. She argued in 2011 that Libya should be made to pay the US for the NATO regime-change bombing that wrecked the North African country. Getting paid for such efforts to "engage in the world" would help pay for social programs back home and build public support for continued engaging, she said.

What kind of mind even comes up with such a disgusting notion? It's the kind of hive mind that will fill the Biden administration from top to bottom, wrapped in various skin colors and other identities for crass political effect.

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