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25 Nov, 2020 14:19

Wayne Dupree: Hey, Joe Biden, rejoining the Paris accord just because you hate Trump is stupid. Put America’s interests first

Wayne Dupree: Hey, Joe Biden, rejoining the Paris accord just because you hate Trump is stupid. Put America’s interests first

The international climate change agreement struck in the French capital in 2015 is not right for our country. It will harm the economy, put jobs at risk, and end with us facing blackouts like those California recently suffered.

The problem with liberals is that they can’t accept the idea that they might be wrong, especially when it comes to the Paris accord on climate change.

During one of the presidential debates, President Trump made the statement that CO2 emissions were at their lowest levels in 67 years. The Washington Post fact-checked his earlier comments on the Paris agreement and said they required “more context.” The Post said something like, “while it’s true that CO2 emissions are at their lowest level, it was not the result of federal regulations, but was the result of market forces.” Basically, in the opinion of the Post, if the Fed isn’t regulating and forcing something to happen, then it doesn’t count.

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In Democratic eyes, it is not about what’s best for America; it’s about not admitting that Trump could do anything right, even though his intuition was correct on almost every foreign policy (Paris accord, Iran, NATO, Middle East, NAFTA, etc.) and domestic policy (energy independence, interest rates, manufacturing jobs, immigration, etc.) that he addressed. If egos were not more important than moving the country in the right direction, we’d be looking forward to four more years of prosperity rather than the mess we are heading for.

What’s truly ironic about people like Joe Biden – basically DC-types who aren’t really ideological in the sense of left or right, but who are more part of the globalist elite – is that the people who he tried to most appeal to during the election, the ordinary working man and woman, are going to be the first ones hurt by his policies. 

Professionals, myself included, will go on. I'll continue to go to Costco and Whole Foods and live my relatively comfortable life. I am working to have job security, and my skills are immediately mobile, meaning if I don’t like where I live, I can easily pick up and move and start right back up. But I’m also not the norm. People who live in small towns and depend on local homegrown industries for their work and their domestic energy, don’t have these options. Of course, once they all learn to code, that problem will be fixed. Or so progressives would have us believe.

The mentality of those who think we should rejoin the Paris accord is skewed. They think the other countries aren’t reaching their goals on reducing carbon emissions (the Paris Agreement target is to dramatically reduce carbon emissions so as to limit global warming to 1.5C) just because we are not funding it. The truth of the matter is that the result would be the same with our funding, but we would be paying them with a blank check. Unless the worst polluters start showing a reduction of carbon emissions, instead of the INCREASE China is planning through the building of more coal-fired power plants, the US should have nothing to do with this “throwing good money after bad” scheme.

Let me continue to break it down. Democrats have always given away American taxpayers’ money to foreign countries. This is a major reason why those countries love Democrats – they pay them loads.

What Democrats don’t understand is that having a better, stronger economy leads to people making more money, and affords the investment that leads to better technology, which people then buy, and which in turn then becomes cheaper. However, Democrats take a socialistic view that it takes a government to force these changes through, and they then can’t understand why it costs triple the free-market solution, and why people ultimately resent being treated like sheep and won’t follow the orders, etc.

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Look at California, for example. Since the 1950s, it’s had the worst record on pollution of just about any state (worst as in offensive), and its recent push to rely on renewable energy has been a disaster. Other states are cutting emissions without killing their people financially or having brown-outs.

But the blind will remain so even when faced with reality. They don’t see things clearly and to be honest, I doubt they really wish to have a firm and informed grip on reality. Many will say that just because others are not doing their share, two wrongs don’t make it right, and we should align with those still trying to stick to the Paris agreement. That saying is true and we teach our children such phrases. But the US isn’t being or doing “wrong,” we’re still doing our part – we’re just doing it without a pack of deceivers who we must constantly financially subsidize. We’re helping without ruining what we’ve built, or tearing things apart just because we can do so.

There is no logical reason to rejoin failed accords like Paris or on Iran just because you don’t like the person that (wisely, in my view) removed us from them, or to score points with people you view as political supporters and voters. We are a country of many, not a political party, and the US, its interests, and its people should and must stand first in line when presidents of whatever hue make decisions.

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