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16 Nov, 2020 17:13

Wayne Dupree: Trump isn’t going anywhere and shouldn’t. With a brilliant lawyer like Sidney Powell on his side, he’s going to win!

Wayne Dupree: Trump isn’t going anywhere and shouldn’t. With a brilliant lawyer like Sidney Powell on his side, he’s going to win!

I think most people, when they have been beaten fair and square, will concede defeat. Even one-term presidents who feel hard done by. But the key words here are fair and square.

President Trump campaigned all year, and hordes of people showed up to see and hear him. Joe Biden did nothing all year, and virtually nobody showed up for his weakly-attended rallies. Trump got blamed for Covid-19 by the media, even when it was Democrat governors and mayors who were largely to blame for not stopping its spread (and, by the way, I honestly believe the virus was unleashed one year before the election on purpose but, then again, I am not a scientist working in a lab).

I wouldn’t concede this election either if I were in Trump’s shoes. It was clear even on election night that something was badly amiss, and with every passing day evidence of widespread fraud is mounting.

The former federal prosecutor, Sidney Powell, who’s just joined the president’s legal team, gave an interview Sunday morning to Fox that tells me something big is coming down the pipeline. 

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Pay attention to her voice, tone and body language – she's not lying or bluffing, and let’s remember this is the woman who kicked the FBI square in the balls by exonerating Michael Flynn. Powell doesn’t take a case unless she knows she can win, and she doesn’t say anything that she can’t back up with facts (she even says this in the interview). 

She spoke about absolutely massive fraud being uncovered and on the verge of being exposed and prosecuted, as well as some of the people involved in the fraud (including a retired Navy admiral) being on Biden's transition team.

The fraudulent and brazen behavior of these Democrats to destroy the election’s integrity means we have to fight. Rules and laws are there to keep us in peace. When they don’t abide by the rules, peace fades rapidly.

Democrats and their minions have been trying to get Presdent Trump out of the White House for four years by any means necessary, because he is a threat to the establishment. I’m surprised they haven’t physically gotten to him yet. He was never supposed to win in 2016. Everyone was making fun of him – except millions of voting Americans.

Several months back, Rep. Nancy Pelosi commented that Trump may refuse to leave the White House. Many of us were puzzled by that. Most reasonable people would not support Trump staying on if he lost a FREE and FAIR election. But Pelosi knew what the Dems had planned, a rigged election, one from which Trump could not ever accept the result.

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Using big Dem donor money, the Dems appear to have gone to the big decaying inner cities and harvested votes. Then they committed fraudulent counting, and likely destroyed the evidence. No observers were permitted to watch, and the windows were boarded up. Election night, when Trump was way ahead in Pennsylvania, a Dem politician from that state laughed and said, “wait… Trump will lose!

It's easy to see how someone could feel that this election is one big fraud. It's also not hard to understand why many think that the election must be run again, with NO mail-in ballots and with photo ID presented at each polling station door! Nothing else will be acceptable.

I am pretty sure Trump won this election by a landslide. He should keep his legal action going until the legitimacy of this election is no longer in question. If we have to do the whole thing over with safeguards in place, we must do the entire thing over. Nothing would be worse than the continued stench of this fraud hanging over our election system.

Am I alone when I feel that an avalanche against the criminal cartel that has operated freely for decades against the American people's best interests is going to accelerate now? They have spent billions to cheat Trump and get Biden into power, but I am certain that, with lawyers like Sidney Powell on his side, these plans will be exposed and stopped.  

There is a saying that hubris comes before the fall. They are all going to fall hard, along with the major news networks that have sought to brainwash the American people into accepting a flawed result. The entire system is coming down, folks, get ready.

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