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13 Nov, 2020 15:21

Wayne Dupree: Trump should stay on the job, remain confident & keep going with his legal action all the way to the Supreme Court

Wayne Dupree: Trump should stay on the job, remain confident & keep going with his legal action all the way to the Supreme Court

This election ain’t over yet, whatever the mainstream media and Big Tech try to brainwash us into believing – it will eventually be proven that election laws were violated in many states across the US.

Have you noticed that everything the left says about President Trump is really about them? They are doing exactly what they accuse him of doing, and to those who use common sense, it is easy to see. If our media weren’t corrupt, more people might actually get this. But the public has truly been brainwashed/gaslighted and believe anything the media and Big Tech tell them.

Trump is confident that he will eventually win, or he wouldn’t be doubling and tripling down on his actions. He went golfing to rub liberals’ noses in it. Then he returned to work and promptly fired Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, who had opposed Trump in using the military to put down the riots. Trump is preparing to invoke the Insurrection Act because when the Democrats find out they failed to steal the election, and the riots begin again, this time around, they are going to get an a**-kickin’.

If this does go to the Supreme Court, I don’t think fraudulent ballots should have to be demonstrated, and here’s why. What the Supreme Court should require is sufficient evidence that election laws were violated in a way that makes it impossible to assure voters in their state that the election was fair. If that’s the case, the Court should seek a remedy.

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To the extent that potentially fraudulent ballots are already mixed in with legally-cast ballots, the only remedies are a re-vote in the affected precincts, or a ruling that the result can’t stand and let the state(s) involved work within the confines of the Constitution to select its representatives to go to the Electoral College.

It will also be interesting to see how the liberal justices react to evidence of obvious violations of election laws.

The key point here is that it is those violations that need to be proven. Fraudulent ballots have been mixed in with the legal ones. They can’t be sorted out for the most part, which is why you’ll be hearing a constant cry from Dems and the media to show them the fraudulent ballots, even while they ignore every bit of the growing pile of evidence that laws were violated.

Right now, we need to focus our efforts on making sure every legal ballot is counted, and the phony ones are tossed out with Fox News. We also need to focus our time and money on Georgia’s runoff Senate elections in January because you know that Dems will flood that state with dark money and more shenanigans.

I had a neighbor who knows I’m a Trump supporter tell me that “Trump is tearing the country APART.” I asked him “how?” (while shaking my head… thinking of BLM and Antifa!), and I brought up the 2000 contested election. He said that was just ONE State, and I replied, yeah, the fraud this time was off the charts in several states due to mail-in voting. He then, predictably, brought up the fake news polls that he’s been reading from week to week, which just made me sigh.

I ended the conversation by saying it took over a month to sort out the result back in 2000; we can give at least it a month now.

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The fake news polls were supposed to have the intended effect of hindering fundraising for Trump and down-ballot GOP candidates. Who wants to donate to a campaign when the polls show a win is impossible? That’s the whole point of these suppression polls: They discourage fundraising and discourage voting (‘why bother, our candidate is going to lose!’). And Fox News had the worst polls now that we know how things turned out.

I have slept quite well the past week, including on election night. And I haven’t turned on Fox News since the Sunday before election day. Last weekend, I wrote to every elected official I could think of to challenge them to rise above appeasement and cowardice and call out this fraud.

Everybody that has a hand in this needs to remember the Constitution they swore to uphold; they will never escape the judgment of God Almighty, who hates lawlessness. He would hold them responsible for any bloodshed that followed. Now I’m praying for this fraud to be exposed and overturned, while preparing for the disaster that Joe Biden would bring as president.

I sleep very well, on the pillow of a clear conscience.

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