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30 Oct, 2020 15:10

Wayne Dupree: Do traitorous Republican politicians who’ve spent 4 years working against Pres. Trump deserve our votes next week?

Wayne Dupree: Do traitorous Republican politicians who’ve spent 4 years working against Pres. Trump deserve our votes next week?

Republicans candidates for the Senate & the House are in dogfights in their campaign races across the country – it didn't have to be that way & they’ve only got themselves to blame.

I don't care for GOP lawmakers. Term limits are needed for all government positions. I am so tired of all these career politicians who only seek to serve and better their own pocketbooks from both wings of Congress.

Now they are begging and pleading to keep their jobs.

I admit, losing anything to the Democrats is a tragedy – the more power they have, the less power the American people have, and the further towards socialism our great nation will fall. With Democrats in power so begins the downfall of our great democracy experiment. But let’s remember that these Republicans made the bed they are crying in.

Their entire 2020 election campaign could have been about how they helped President Donald Trump make America great again and how they tried their very best to resist the Democrats so as to make sure every American is advancing in the Trump era. But instead most of them fought against him and tried to hold up progress. And now they want our help?

If I decide to vote down-ticket for Republicans next week, it won't be because I love them so much. I know what the Dems plan on doing, and this country can't afford it. If the Dems get their way and pack the Supreme Court, they will undoubtedly start changing laws to suit their needs and to keep them in power for the next couple of generations.

One of the three branches of our government will be permanently wrecked in the process. That's why Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, has refused to pack the court, even though he had the opportunity many times to do so, and that might be his only saving grace.

For the sake of changing the judicial landscape for generations, I hope for a Trump victory and at least a Republican majority maintained in the Senate. The next four years could dramatically reverse liberal trends in the courts. Trump has proven that he puts forward conservative judges. We need him and a GOP Senate to continue this healthy trend. Elections come and go, and so do presidents, but federal judges are there for a lifetime.

Also on rt.com Trump is really a THIRD PARTY candidate, taking the first pickaxe to the foundations of the two-party US dictatorship in 170 years

A friend of mine recently told me: “I really hope that the conservatives retake the House, gain a larger percentage in the Senate and stay in the White House. Then we can get some stuff accomplished.” What is in the water these people drink?

Real change won't come until these politicians-for-life are threatened with tight, close-to-losing campaign races. They need to be given some shock treatment, and to know it could happen again, and that they can’t take their electorates for granted.

I don't like career politicians; I never have. They serve themselves and forget about the everyday American voter who gives them their vote to place them in the temporary office they hold. They start believing the press clippings of how great they are, and some even gain a God-like complex and think they are invincible. Yes, I know it's sickening, but it is true.

I remember a few years back, I traveled with the Tea Party Express, an organization created to hold politicians accountable for their promises to the American people. One of the organizers approached me to say that I was doing a fine job on the radio and to wish me nothing but success, but they had one serious issue to talk to me about.

McConnell was having a hard time with his campaign race in Kentucky at the time, and I kept telling my radio listeners it was time for him to go. The person, who I will not name, told me to lay off the old guy because “we need him in Washington.” I was given the speech that McConnell was the only one who could beat his Democrat competition that year, and that we couldn't afford to lose the race.

I was astonished that individuals in Kentucky were even listening to my show, and I backed off. Still, I often think to this day that I should have stayed with my convictions, because McConnell has been bad on just about everything, except for helping to appoint conservative judges across the country.

President Trump has needed and continues to need help, and he needs it from the Republican Party. If party candidates haven’t helped or don't want to do so in the future, then they shouldn't be reelected; it's that simple. I don't care if Mitch wins or loses, but I will say one thing that he needs to bear in mind. The senator better do his job better if he gets back in, or I will be on him like ticks on a bull's buttocks.

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