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17 Nov, 2020 00:06

Working from home makes people RACIST, the academic elite preaches

Working from home makes people RACIST, the academic elite preaches

You’ve been laid off or forced to work from home, and opportunities are thin on the ground. To add insult to injury, your academic superiors may now be thinking that all the time away from the office will turn you into a racist.

As more and more people work from home, a new study by Britain’s Woolf Institute claims that these home-bound workers will become more prejudiced and more racist. Without the forced diversity of the workplace, the institute’s founder, Ed Kessler, said that there is a “risk that they could go back into isolated silos.”

That’s bad news for Brits working from home on account of the coronavirus, who now account for as many as 44 percent of the workforce. While most of these workers probably never thought of themselves as prejudiced, the study implies that the office and its chummy water-cooler conversations were the only thing keeping them from shaving their heads and kicking foreigners down the street.

Academia, long removed from scientific breakthrough and existential exploration, has seemingly become an industry dedicated to the relentless pursuit of racism, wherever it may dwell. The Woolf Institute studies relations between faiths and ethnicities in the UK, and wouldn’t exist if it couldn’t root out ever more bizarre instances of prejudice to publicize. 

Racism is the fuel that drives Kessler’s industry, and his team wouldn’t have a job if it were eradicated.

Luckily for them, they’ve managed to get around that problem. While the study found that exposure to different races and religions at work helps “break down stereotypes and foster positive attitudes towards one another,” it also revealed that people who live in more diverse communities were “more likely to be negative towards ethnic diversity.” Solving that conundrum should keep Kessler and his researchers busy for a while.

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The study doesn’t delve into why diversity might not be popular among those who experience it. By ignoring the elephant in the room, the Woolf Institute gets to keep banging the racism drum, and the media get fresh headlines to tell the plebs just how racist they are.

Because nobody would listen to this nonsense were it not for the media promoting it. A plethora of British newspapers and networks picked up the story on Monday, including the taxpayer-funded BBC. The regular working stiff at home is literally paying a license fee of £157.50 per year to be insulted like this.

Society places a high price on racism. Prejudice can get you fired, prosecuted, and shunned from polite society, even when it’s imagined. Just ask Scottish YouTuber Mark ‘Count Dankula’ Meechan, who was fined £800 for teaching his girlfriend’s dog to perform a Nazi salute as a joke. To imply that workers across the country are becoming more racist by sitting down at home both insults them, and gives anti-racism crusaders a tool to clobber them with later.

It also rubs salt in their wounds at a time when small businesses are shutting their doors and spiralling debt virtually guarantees tax hikes and lower living standards for the foreseeable future. Only megacorporations like Amazon and the Silicon Valley tech giants have come out of 2020 richer, while the average working Brit has to contend with his lot, and may soon pay a five percent tax for the privilege of working from home.

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But at least these people aren’t unemployed. Because the lower down the economic totem pole you sit, the more racist you are, the study argues. “Unemployed people are 37% more likely to only have friends from their own ethnic group,” the study states. If they could only ascend the professional ladder, they would then become a “safe bet for integration and cohesion strategies,” it continues, suggesting in bizarre corpo-speak that diversity is something to be sold to the public.

Whatever voodoo the academics at the Woolf Institute use to come up with this racism, the study makes one thing abundantly clear. The academic elites hold the worker drones and wastrels beneath them in contempt, and this prejudice isn’t implicit. It’s on full display in liberal newspapers.

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