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6 Oct, 2020 10:24

'He's back': The last week has illustrated the MSM and establishment bias against Trump, but despite that he'll still win election

'He's back': The last week has illustrated the MSM and establishment bias against Trump, but despite that he'll still win election

A dark week has seen the MSM turn a blind eye to Democrat failings and exaggerate the extent and severity of Donald Trump’s illness. But I remain convinced that he will have the last laugh on November 3 when he is re-elected.

As the battle for the White House intensifies, major storylines emerged over the last week that should have a major role in deciding the outcome of the election, but simply aren’t being given serious coverage by the MSM.

The first came in the form of Joe Biden, a presidential ghost candidate who appeared on a debate stage refusing to answer any substantive policy questions. Instead of calling him out on this, the media ran cover for him by refusing to ask any probative questions.

Secondly, as Biden was proclaiming himself ‘the Democratic Party’, Congress was disclosing that a $3.5-million payment was made from the widow of Moscow’s ex-mayor for the benefit of his son Hunter Biden. 

More information also came to light regarding Hunter Biden's employment by Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma.

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And thirdly, previously unseen documents were declassified that allegedly show Hillary Clinton was behind the Russiagate scandal, and that people in the US cannot trust the FBI.

This is all dark, very dark. Not even Hollywood or Fellini could write a script like this.

During the most contentious presidential debate in a hundred years, Biden refused to answer whether he or his administration would set objectives to end the US Senate filibuster, stack the Supreme Court, add four senators to the US Senate or end the Electoral College. He even refused to identify his picks for the Supreme Court of the United States. Biden scoffed and rambled non-sequiturs that had nothing to do with the questions asked, and the impudent ‘debate moderator’ Chris Wallace let Biden slide.

The US Senate released documents showing that Hunter Biden received a $3.5-million wire-transfer from Elena Baturina, the widow of Moscow's ex-mayor Yury Luzhkov, who was fired for corruption. When confronted about this, Biden stumbled, repeating a lie: “That's a lie…It has been debunked.”

No, Joe, it happened – as did Hunter’s employment by Burisma holdings, one of Ukraine’s most controversial corporations. Hunter, with no experience in the energy sector, was paid nearly one million dollars by Burisma. Why? Was it buying influence from the Obama administration’s vice president who was charged with distributing a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine? A vice president who boasted on national TV about threatening to withhold that billion dollars if the prosecutor investigating Biden’s son and Burisma was not fired. This is real banana republic stuff.

The media not only did not press Biden for an answer to these questions; it failed to follow up or report on anything about the report released on Hunter Biden.

On Sunday, the leader of the house and a member of the judiciary committee, Kevin McCarthy, alleged in an interview that, according to newly declassified documents, Obama, former FBI director James Comey and former director of the CIA John Brennan all knew that Clinton was behind the fake Russian narrative that Trump colluded with Russia for the purpose of diverting media attention and focus away from the illegal email server Hillary and Bill Clinton had in their New York home. 

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According to McCarthy, the newly declassified documents show the CIA uncovered Clinton’s plan and sent a referral to FBI's James Comey and Peter Strzok requesting they conduct an investigation, but the FBI did not do so. While testifying before a Senate committee this week, Comey was asked about this CIA referral and flatly said: “That doesn’t ring a bell with me.”

To illustrate how deep the obstruction and hypocrisy runs regarding these acts against democracy, Senator Amy Klobuchar happily praised the memory-challenged Comey during his arrogant, casual appearance.

Gina Haspel, now director of the CIA, was the CIA’s London station chief working directly for the then-CIA head, John Brennan, when these apparently seditious covert operations were initiated by Clinton to take down Trump’s presidency. Haspel is preventing further declassification of these documents.

Why? These appointed people in the CIA and FBI are non-elected officials paid for by the public. We should not have rogue activities such as these. We need 100 percent transparency and full disclosure. Congressman Devin Nunes even said that the intelligence services should be shut down until we get to the bottom of these matters. President Trump, declassify everything, and declassify it now.

Is there any chance the American people can trust its media again? Not until 90 percent of these repugnant propagandists are fired. It beggars belief how Hollywood created a propaganda-filled narrative about Comey, played by Jeff Daniels, to re-write history and influence the November presidential election.

The talking heads even interviewed Daniels as if he were Comey. Americans suffering a media-enhanced version of Trump Derangement Syndrome now believe that actors and late-night comedy hosts are presenting news that is as fake as one can make-up. Unfortunately, many Americans have been sucked in by a media that is creating the story rather than reporting evidence-based facts.

For example, when Trump’s doctors stated that he was recovering from Covid-19, the number of go-to ‘medical experts’ on cable news propaganda channels almost exploded. They all claimed that the president’s doctor must have lied; they were convinced that Trump's condition must be worse and that the doctors were purposefully withholding information from the public. 

Convinced the president was in imminent danger, the fake news media were dumbfounded when Trump made a surprise drive-by visit to his supporters in front of the Walter Reed Medical Hospital where he is recovering from Covid-19. Yet, instead of being thankful for the president’s survival, the hateful death wishes, such as this one, by ex-Obama staffer Zara Rakhim, continued.


The past week has shown the extent of what Trump is up against, but despite it all – in fact, possibly even because of it – I fully expect him to be propelled to victory in November. 

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.