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2 Oct, 2020 18:50

Covid’s last stand? With Trump laid low by coronavirus, expect a ‘miracle cure’ before November 3

Covid’s last stand? With Trump laid low by coronavirus, expect a ‘miracle cure’ before November 3

Early Friday, President Donald Trump announced that he and the first lady had tested positive for Covid-19, throwing the nation into even deeper uncertainty just weeks before elections. So what can the American people expect now?

Oh what a difference a day makes, especially when we are talking about one of the most riotous 365-day periods in modern history, otherwise known as the year 2020. Just 30 days before the epic showdown between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the embattled incumbent threw a monkey wrench into the works by announcing he has Covid. And Twitter wept. Well, not entirely.

As the ailing president was greeted with a tsunami of digital prayers from his electronic army, to expect anything less than a self-righteous sermon from the left would be a bit like hoping for an ice cream stand in hell. One of the most thoughtful messages I found from the Democrats to The Donald in his hour of need advised him not to drink bleach in an effort to cure himself. Enough said. But lest anyone think that the liberals have the market cornered on wickedness need only consult the comments from Republicans following the recent death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But I digress.

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The main question now is what next? What will be the political fallout from this stunning development, and which party stands to gain the upper hand? Already the Democrats are taking up battle stations behind the argument that says “Trump is a reckless fool for not donning a mask in public like Joe Biden, and although we wish him a speedy recovery – wink, wink – he really should have listened to the science.” The Democrats are unlikely to get much mileage out of that preachy position.

Presently, many Americans, suffering lockdown fever from behind grungy muzzles, are watching helplessly as small businesses are imploding faster than Amazon can scoop up the slack. This naturally leads to a question of no small gravity: what is to be gained from surviving a virus if families lack the means to put food on the table? Here the survival instinct takes over as more people assume the position that the risks of keeping the nation in lockdown mode far outweigh those posed by catching Covid.

The state of Florida is case in point. Last week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order allowing restaurants and bars to immediately begin operating at 100 percent capacity. If that news wasn’t enough to render Democrats breathless, DeSantis added that Tampa Bay would be permitted to host the Super Bowl in February. Compare that with Democrat-run California, where tempers are flaring as a shelter-in-place order continues to decimate the state economy to the point where even Disney World is laying off employees.

Nevertheless, Democrats will not miss a chance to chastise Trump for holding massive ‘super-spreader’ rallies across the country, while his sequestered opponent rarely leaves his basement to either press the flesh or meet the press, as it were. This prissy criticism probably has more to do with the Biden camp’s conspicuous failure to generate grassroots enthusiasm than any concern about protecting people from getting sick. While Trump is jamming stadiums across the country, with little concern for social distancing, Biden would be challenged to fill a Waffle House on a Sunday morning.  

If the Democrats truly cared about halting the spread of the coronavirus, why did they give Black Lives Matter and Antifa what amounted to a medical pass to hold protests from sea to shining sea? That is not cheap rhetoric. In June, just as the BLM protests were in full swing, Jennifer Nuzzo, a senior scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, tweeted: “In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.” 

Here is where the Democrat’s logic for enforcing lockdowns crumbles to dust against the rocks of reason. On the one hand they say it is absolutely imperative to keep businesses shuttered, churches closed, and Trump rallies out of town lest Covid run rampant. On the other, they condone protesters running amok through their cities like modern Vandals, social distancing be damned, delivering the final coup de grace to the very same businesses that were already on the brink of bankruptcy. This leads to a separate but connected question: why are the Democrats so willing to coddle criminals? Are they afraid of alienating their anti-police progressive wing, or do they wish to help inflict as much damage on the country as possible in an effort to destroy Trump’s chances of re-election?

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While much of the partisan debate will focus on the question ‘to mask or not to mask’ during a pandemic, there is one possible outcome that could make all debate about facial coverings and social distancing obsolete overnight. For weeks and months, Trump has promised to deliver some miracle vaccine that will allow the United States to finally return to some level of normalcy. Thus far that promise, dubbed ‘Operation Warp Speed’, has gone nowhere fast.

Now imagine this. What if Donald and Melania allow themselves to become the medical subjects – the premier guinea pigs, if you will – of a ‘breakthrough’ treatment that many doctors insist cures Covid-19. Yes, I’m talking about hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Although there has been a tremendous amount of heated debate regarding its safety and effectiveness, this drug has been effective against a number of diseases, including malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. Just last month, a team of doctors released a study that concluded “HCQ is consistently effective against Covid-19 when used early in the outpatient setting, it is overall effective against Covid-19, it has not produced worsening, it is safe.” This finding, however, clashes with that of the Food and Drug Administration, for example, which has cautioned against the use of HCQ “outside of a hospital setting.”

Now in the event that the most powerful couple in the United States were to be ‘resurrected’ by HCQ, an inexpensive drug that would provide no massive profits to the pharmaceutical industry, Trump would score a major victory in one fell swoop, and just days before November 3. He and Melania would be the living, breathing proof that the Democrats have no excuse for keeping much of the nation under lock and key. 

Of course, the Democratic Party would never go along with the plan, saying it is risky and reckless, but Trump would have the ‘miracle cure’ he needs to get at least one half of America back on its feet again, and him back in the White House for another four years. For those who doubt such a possible turn of events, keep in mind that this is the year 2020 when absolutely everything is possible.

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